A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1984 – Ghostbusters

But actually though.

This was the second highest grossing movie of 1984. $230 million. Behind only Beverly Hills Cop.

It made more money than Temple of Doom.

The song was a number one hit for almost a month.

It’s fucking Ghostbusters, of course it’s the choice.

The film is absolutely hilarious. Bill Murray is other level funny in this. And it’s one of the few comedies with a big budget that still works. That’s rare.

The amount of quotable lines in this movie is crazy. And the moments have become iconic too.

The fucking Marshmallow Man!

Honestly, there’s no other choice for 1984.

That’s what I love about the 80s. All the choice actually epitomize the 80s.

It’s like its own weird universe in the history of things.

Oh, and if there weren’t enough reasons for this to be the choice for 1984, this movie is also the punch line to one of the greatest set ups of all time, and the greatest ending to anything ever.


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