A Pictorial History of the Movies: 1992 – The Bodyguard

Who saw this one coming?

I didn’t. I can’t imagine any of you did.

I was pretty stuck for this year for a while. Because Unforgiven is great, but it doesn’t exemplify 1992. Wayne’s World is the same. I thought about A League of Their Own, but no. Basic Instinct was one I seriously considered. The Crying Game was probably the alternate here.

But… The Bodyguard was the second-highest grosser of the year, behind Aladdin.

And “I Will Always Love You”? Despite being a cover, it was number one on the Billboard chart for 14 weeks. Got that? 14 weeks.

The Bodyguard is the choice for 1992.

Oh, and the one of the top seven selling albums of all time. There are seven albums that have sold over 40 million copies.

They are:

Michael Jackson, Thriller

Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon

Eagles, Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975

AC/DC, Back in Black

The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack

Fleetwood Mac, Rumours

And this soundtrack.

Only ones. (Though it seems like there may be some others joining them eventually.)

This soundtrack has sold more copies than every Beatles album.

I actually hadn’t seen this film until fairly recently. It’s actually pretty good. In that almost-campy 90s sort of way. It also reeks of the 90s, which is perfect for this year.

It was written in the 70s for Steve McQueen and Diana Ross. But it didn’t get made until 1992. This is the kind of movie that only could have been made in the 70s or in the early 90s. Only then. Maybe late 80s. But it had that feel. That early 70s, gritty feel, or that 90s feel.

Oh, and by the way… the house where she lives in the movie is the same one Jack Woltz where Jack Woltz lived in The Godfather. So in 20 years, we went from horse head to semen in the bed.

But, this film was pretty much all over 1992, culturally and commercially. You look back at pop culture for 1992, and you’re hitting this movie within the first five hits. It’s really the only choice for a list like this.

And even though there are original songs in this movie, this is seriously one of the best solo vocal performances of all time:

It’s the only choice. And we all know it.

And now that I used the song, there’s really only one proper way to end this article…


One response

  1. 1994 is going to be interesting…next year, I think the choice is pretty (PRETTY) obvious. But ’94…woof.

    November 6, 2014 at 1:54 pm

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