Oscars 2014: AFI Top Ten Films of The Year

AFI announced their top ten films of the year today.

I typically don’t say much about them. I think we all know my love affair with NBR, so I tend to fawn over their choices. I always feel like AFI goes for the obvious choices, the ones that seem like what you’d think about when you thought of what a list like this would look like. Granted, that’s not to say they’re wrong, that’s just always how I think of them.

They tend to be pretty similar to my picks. More so, though, they tend to be in line with what the actual Oscar nominations are. So there’s that.

Anyway, here are AFI’s Top Ten Films of 2014:

American Sniper




The Imitation Game


Into the Woods





Not really all that surprising. This is the first I’m seeing of Into the Woods on a major list.

Also, what’s with the Eastwood love? You’d think he was on the selection committee for all these places. J. Edgar was on AFI’s list too.

But you look at a list like this… it feels safe. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I’ll stick with NBR.

But AFI is nice too.


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