Oscars 2014: ASC Nominations

And now the Cinematographers guild nominations.

I love when these come out. Absolutely love it. Cinematography is one of my favorite categories. The big six, you have to love. But outside of that, the categories I look at most are Cinematography, Production Design, and probably Song and Score. Love them.

I can already guess at least three of the nominees right now, sight unseen. I’m so excited. Let’s just get right into it.

Here are your 2014 ASC Nominations:



The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Imitation Game

Mr. Turner


Wow. Only two. Though I guess if I really thought about it, Turner would have been on there. Wasn’t there like, seven last year or the year before? Five must mean they really had a consensus going.

Birdman is a lock for the Oscars. Turner seems like a solid bet. Grand Budapest seems like it’s getting on as well, given its overall support. Imitation Game, mostly I’m interested in the widespread support this movie has everywhere. If this wasn’t one of my top five contenders (I think it was), it is now. I’m calling this one a straight up lock for a nomination. And I’m really curious to see if the DGA nominates it as well.

Unbroken — Deakins. I will never say no to a Deakins nomination ever.

Trying to think what got left off.

I think I just assumed Boyhood would get here because of support. But it makes sense why it didn’t, and I don’t think it really should have. It should get top of the line nods (Picture, Director, Screenplay, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress), but nothing below would make a lot of sense.

Interstellar, I get why it was left off. Wonder if the late screeners had anything to do with it. Gonna keep an eye on that anyway, just in case.

Selma always stands a chance.

Wonder if Under the Skin can sneak in there. I feel like those stark scenes could really score some points if the branch wants to have some fun.

Not ruling out The Homesman, because that work stuck out to me as well this year.

Gone Girl — ehh. Got Fincher going for it. It could sneak in, but I think they’re over it. Gotta consider it, though.

Inherent Vice, I thought, stood a solid chance at a guild nomination. Still considering it, just because the branch is all about specific DPs. Like Deakins. (It’s the same for the music branch.) Elswit could get on because of that.

American Sniper… seems doubtful.

Foxcatcher… also doubtful.

Fury would be cool to see, but no chance without a guild nod.

(Also, am I the only one who would be totally on board with a Godzilla nomination?)

But, right now, I’d say… Birdman, Budapest, Mr. Turner, Unbroken seems likely, and then I’ll need to think about the last one. Or last two. But it’s hard to think they’ll deliberately leave Deakins off even if they didn’t care for his film. So we’ll see.

– – – – – – – – – –

And I’ll be back in a bit with the Costume Designers Guild.


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