Ranking Disney: Big Hero 6 (2014), Part I

This has become a tradition. I did the original set of articles in 2012. And they were very brief. One part, not too many shots in them. And then the Bond articles happened and then Fun with Franchises happened. It was a progression. But now, each time a new Disney movie comes out, I write it up. Though now that Fun with Franchises has set the standard, they’re all at least four parts.

This movie came out a year ago, but fortunately we’re busy here, so this is the first time I have time to go over it. I wasn’t particularly excited for it. Disney shouldn’t be doing superhero movies. It’s not who they are. So I went in with a lot of trepidation.

And, after seeing it twice now, I’m still not sure I like it very much. It’s fine. It entertains you enough, but the story feels slight, there is no character development to speak of, and half the dialogue is way too dense for kids. It really makes me wonder what they were thinking when they decided to use the Marvel canon to create a kids movie. But it’s healthy to try different things. I’m just wondering if they tried them for the right reasons.

Anyway, here is Part I of Big Hero 6:

Big Hero 6 - Disney Logo

Big Hero 6 - Walt Disney Studios Logo

We begin in a mythical place…

Big Hero 6 - 1

San Francisco.

Big Hero 6 - 2

Or Tokyo?

Big Hero 6 - 3

Or the Macau portion of Skyfall?

Big Hero 6 - 4

Ah, San Fransokyo.

For relaxing times, make it Fransokyo time.

Big Hero 6 - 5

That’s a pretty big area for people to walk around and do nothing in.

Big Hero 6 - 6

If you want to make tech nuts jizz all over their Linux, combine San Francisco and Tokyo into a single location.

Big Hero 6 - 7

Blade Runner much?

Big Hero 6 - 8

What would the Pixar version of Tokyo Drifter look like?

Big Hero 6 - 9

I’ve spent many a night in an alleyway in Chinatown.

Big Hero 6 - 10

Big Hero 6 - 11


Big Hero 6 - 12

The Robot Mafia is gonna fuck you up.

Big Hero 6 - 13

Oh, I’ve seen this movie. It’s called Real Steel. It’s better than this.

Big Hero 6 - 14

Big Hero 6 - 15

If only you let the scene develop, the reveal of them being little toys might have worked.

Big Hero 6 - 16

She seems fun.

Big Hero 6 - 17

Why do you have eyes?

Big Hero 6 - 18

“Bitch please.”

Big Hero 6 - 19

I hope it’s Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Big Hero 6 - 20

Look at the size of that track suit guy!

Big Hero 6 - 21

Whoa, the score sounded a bit like the Venga Bus song the old guy from Six Flags danced to.

Big Hero 6 - 22

Why do we care about any of this right now? We started a movie by watching toys fight.

Big Hero 6 - 23

She look like she into some nasty shit.

Big Hero 6 - 24

Big Hero 6 - 25

Is this some kind of weird porno?

Big Hero 6 - 26

I think it might be some kind of weird porno.

Big Hero 6 - 27

I really think this might be some kind of weird porno.

Big Hero 6 - 28

Oh damn.

Big Hero 6 - 29

Big Hero 6 - 30

Which you somehow weren’t using before this.

Big Hero 6 - 31

Big Hero 6 - 32

This is why you don’t build a robot with eyes.

Big Hero 6 - 33

Big Hero 6 - 34

Were you not watching him beat other people before this? Shouldn’t you have known what he was gonna do? Why are you so surprised?

Big Hero 6 - 35

Why are people betting on this?

Where are we? Why don’t we maybe establish a location first before we start showing random stuff?

Big Hero 6 - 36

You don’t want to mess with a one-eyed Asian woman. She’s been involved in some shit.

Big Hero 6 - 37

I didn’t know Tony Siragusa was in this movie.

“Who has the guts to step into the ring with little Yama?”

Is Little Yama your dick?

Big Hero 6 - 38

Big Hero 6 - 39

Are you seriously that afraid of his toy?

Also, was this the first match of the night? Why are you suddenly getting so afraid to fight him?

Big Hero 6 - 40

“Can I try?”

Big Hero 6 - 41

Now would be a good time for this:

Big Hero 6 - 42

“I have a robot. I built it myself.”

Why would you let a kid into this alleyway?

Big Hero 6 - 43

Seriously, how do you not see this is a hustle? General rule: if it looks too good to be true, it is.

Big Hero 6 - 44

Big Hero 6 - 45

Big Hero 6 - 46

“Beat it, kid.”

“House rules, you gotta pay to play.”

There’s a prostitution joke to be made here.

Big Hero 6 - 47

“Is this enough?”

That’s how you walk up in the club.

“What’s your name, little boy?”



Though I hope Big Hiro 6 is what he calls his dick

“Hiro Hamada.”

You’re white, Hiro Hamada.

Great job, guys. Less than three minutes in and already we’ve checked the racism box.

Big Hero 6 - 48

“Prepare your bot, Hiro.”

His boty is ready.

Big Hero 6 - 49
Big Hero 6 - 50

She must have fun key parties.

Big Hero 6 - 51

Big Hero 6 - 52

Big Hero 6 - 53

Big Hero 6 - 54


Big Hero 6 - 55

Big Hero 6 - 56

Big Hero 6 - 57

Is this supposed to make us like this kid? Have we abandoned all manner of storytelling? I thought this was Disney.

Big Hero 6 - 58

“Two bots enter, one bot leaves.”

Is this the Thunderdome?

What if both bots left together? “I’m parked over by the commissary.”

Big Hero 6 - 59

Big Hero 6 - 60

Big Hero 6 - 61

Big Hero 6 - 62

Big Hero 6 - 63

This is going well.

Big Hero 6 - 64

Big Hero 6 - 65

“That was my first fight… can I try again?”

Big Hero 6 - 66

“No one likes a sore loser, little boy. Go home.”

Why hasn’t anyone told him to go home before this?

Big Hero 6 - 67

“I’ve got more money.”

This is a trap. This is either a hustle or entrapment.

Big Hero 6 - 68

Big Hero 6 - 69

How much money is this, exactly?

Big Hero 6 - 70

Big Hero 6 - 71

Big Hero 6 - 72

Big Hero 6 - 73

“Megabot – destroy.”

Big Hero 6 - 74

Big Hero 6 - 75

Big Hero 6 - 76

Big Hero 6 - 77

Big Hero 6 - 78

Big Hero 6 - 79

Big Hero 6 - 80

Big Hero 6 - 81

Big Hero 6 - 82

Big Hero 6 - 83

Big Hero 6 - 84

Why is the robot looking at the other robot?

Big Hero 6 - 85

Big Hero 6 - 86

You took off the wrong arm.

Big Hero 6 - 87

Big Hero 6 - 88

Big Hero 6 - 89

Big Hero 6 - 90

Big Hero 6 - 91


Big Hero 6 - 92

That’s cold.

Big Hero 6 - 93


Big Hero 6 - 94

Big Hero 6 - 95

Big Hero 6 - 96

I feel so bad for those guys around him. They don’t even have the decency to be in a gang. They gotta hang around as lackeys for robot fights.

Big Hero 6 - 97

Big Hero 6 - 98

Big Hero 6 - 99

Big Hero 6 - 100

Big Hero 6 - 101

“No more little Yama.”

Big Hero 6 - 102

“This is not possible.”

“Hey, I’m just as surprised as you are. Beginner’s luck. Wanna go again?”

Here’s another problem with this movie. Normally you see your main character fail at the beginning, showing their shortcomings. It helps us sympathize with them and get to know who they are and what major flaws they will need to overcome. This doesn’t happen here. As far as we know (and will continue to know), our character has no flaw that needs to change. Which goes against the BASIC RULES OF STORYTELLING.

Big Hero 6 - 103


Big Hero 6 - 104

“No one hustles Yama!”

Big Hero 6 - 105

“Teach him a lesson.”


Big Hero 6 - 106

Big Hero 6 - 107


Big Hero 6 - 108


Big Hero 6 - 109


Big Hero 6 - 110

“Hiro, get on!”


Awful writing.

Big Hero 6 - 111

Big Hero 6 - 112

Are you just gonna leave your robot behind?

Big Hero 6 - 113

This is how I am with infants.

Big Hero 6 - 114

Big Hero 6 - 115

Big Hero 6 - 116

Big Hero 6 - 117

Who are you running from, exactly?

Big Hero 6 - 118

“You okay?”


“Are you hurt?”


You basically just asked the same thing twice.

Big Hero 6 - 119

“Then what were you thinking? Knucklehead.”

This exchange makes no sense. This makes it sound like he should have been hurt in order for it to be okay.

Big Hero 6 - 120

Big Hero 6 - 121

“You graduated high school when you were 13, and this is what you do with it?”

Dick in the Ass Exposition.

Big Hero 6 - 122

Were you guys really just walking up the alleyway after them? WHERE IS THE LOGIC?

Big Hero 6 - 123

Yeah, okay.

Big Hero 6 - 124

Big Hero 6 - 125

Big Hero 6 - 126

Big Hero 6 - 127

“Bot fighting is illegal. You’re gonna get yourself arrested.”


Big Hero 6 - 128

Big Hero 6 - 129

“Bot fighting is not illegal. Betting on bot fighting – that’s illegal.”

Big Hero 6 - 130

“But so lucrative.”

Hey, if that’s your college fund, I got no beef.

“I’m on a roll, big brother. And there is no stopping me!”

Big Hero 6 - 131

Big Hero 6 - 132

Big Hero 6 - 133

Big Hero 6 - 134

Great. So in the first five minutes, our main character is a smarmy child genius who illegally hustles money from robot fighting in back alleys who has gotten arrested. Way to get us to empathize with him and want to root for him.

Big Hero 6 - 135

Title Card: The Departed

Big Hero 6 - 136

Big Hero 6 - 137

Uhh… all right.

Does Tadashi get raped? What’s the purpose of this shot? This is a Disney movie.

Big Hero 6 - 138

Aunt Cass.

If she gave birth to them, she would be Mama Cass.

Big Hero 6 - 139

“Are you guys okay?”

“We’re fine.”

Big Hero 6 - 140

“Then what were you two knuckleheads thinking?!”

So just so we’re all on the same page — there’s an illegal robot fighting dice game in the alley. The police somehow got word of this and decided to raid it. Our main characters were both there and got arrested. And this is a Disney movie.

Big Hero 6 - 141

“For ten years, I have done the best I could to raise you.”

Bad writing.

Also, that means they’re orphans. And they’re gonna be given powers. Ugh.

Big Hero 6 - 142

“Have I been perfect? No. Do I know anything about children? No.”

Well, ten years, you must know something. Shit, I know nothing about children and I could care for one for a week and do a decent job.

Big Hero 6 - 143

“Should I have picked up a book on parenting? Probably.”

I forgot how much I don’t like this movie very much.

“Where was I going with this?”


“We love you, Aunt Cass.”

Big Hero 6 - 144

“Well I love you too!”

Big Hero 6 - 145

“I had to close up early because of you two fellas. On beat poetry night.”

Sounds like they did you a favor.

Big Hero 6 - 146

And a stress eating joke? This movie won an OSCAR.

Big Hero 6 - 147

“You better make this up to Aunt Cass before she eats everything in the café.”

Is she bulimic? Also, how can you make being arrested up to her in ten minutes?

Big Hero 6 - 148

“And I hope you learned your lesson.”


“You’re going bot fighting, aren’t you?”

Big Hero 6 - 149

“There’s a fight across town, if I book I can still make it.”

Big Hero 6 - 150

Wow, those are boring book titles.

Big Hero 6 - 151

“When are you gonna start doing something with that big brain of yours?”

“What, go to college like you? So people can tell me stuff I already know?”

“Unbelievable. Oh, what would Mom and Dad say?”

“I don’t know. They’re gone. They died when I was three, remember?”

Please don’t anyone ever defend this movie to me again.

Big Hero 6 - 152

“I’ll take you.”


“I can’t stop you from going, but I’m not gonna let you go on your own.”

So you can both get arrested twice.

That’s also dumb logic. Also, how does he know about all these illegal fights? If he found this on the internet, the cops know too.

Big Hero 6 - 153

“What are we doing at your nerd school?”

Why didn’t you notice he was taking you there earlier?

Big Hero 6 - 154

Big Hero 6 - 155

Everybody has Japanese names but they all look suspiciously white. Is this just okay to everyone?

Big Hero 6 - 156

“Is this gonna take long?”

“Relax, you big baby. We’ll be in and out.”

Shouldn’t you be upset about the fact that he took you somewhere you didn’t want to go?

Big Hero 6 - 157

“Oh great, I get to see your nerd lab.”

Seriously, you should be way more upset about this.

Big Hero 6 - 158

Big Hero 6 - 159

Big Hero 6 - 160

Damn! She got the booty!

Big Hero 6 - 161

Big Hero 6 - 162

Big Hero 6 - 163

Big Hero 6 - 164

This seems like a place for people to make stuff that doesn’t really serve a purpose.

Big Hero 6 - 165

Big Hero 6 - 166

“Whoa. Electro mag suspension.”

This is a kid’s movie, by the way. And you’ve explained nothing to us so far about anything.

Big Hero 6 - 167

“Hey. Who are you?”

Big Hero 6 - 168

“GoGo, this is my brother.”

Big Hero 6 - 169

Big Hero 6 - 170

Big Hero 6 - 171

Welcome to the nerd lab.”

Big Hero 6 - 172

“I’ve never seen electro mag suspension on a bike before.”

“Zero resistance. Faster bike.”

Big Hero 6 - 173

“But, not fast enough.”

Big Hero 6 - 174

Big Hero 6 - 175

Big Hero 6 - 176

Token black guy.

Big Hero 6 - 177

His name is Wasabi.

Spicy token black guy.

Big Hero 6 - 178

“Hello, Hiro, prepare to be amazed.”

His nose and lips are not something those animators should be proud of.

Big Hero 6 - 179

Big Hero 6 - 180

Big Hero 6 - 181

That seems pretty dangerous to just have around.

Big Hero 6 - 182

Big Hero 6 - 183

“Laser-induced plasma?”

Of course. Just like in Cinderella.


Big Hero 6 - 184

And he has OCD. Which is easily decipherable when you’re 6.

Big Hero 6 - 185

Big Hero 6 - 186

“I have a system. There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

That’s kind of offensive, the black guy talking about things being kept in their place.

Big Hero 6 - 187

“Need this.”

Big Hero 6 - 188

Weird that she randomly didn’t have her own tools.

Big Hero 6 - 189

And now crazy chick.

Big Hero 6 - 190

She’s talking over her loud music. Comedy.

Big Hero 6 - 191

She knows how to say hello, though.

Big Hero 6 - 192

“That’s a whole lot of tungsten carbide.”

“Four hundred pounds of it.”

Big Hero 6 - 193

And now she’s adding some chemicals. I’m not gonna bother to say what they are, because THIS IS A KID’S MOVIE.

Big Hero 6 - 194

Big Hero 6 - 195

Big Hero 6 - 196

Big Hero 6 - 197

That seems unhealthy to breathe in.

Big Hero 6 - 198

And then electricity. Because sure.

Big Hero 6 - 199

It’s pink.

Big Hero 6 - 200

Big Hero 6 - 201

Big Hero 6 - 202

This seems not healthy at all.

Big Hero 6 - 203

Big Hero 6 - 204

Big Hero 6 - 205

“Chemical metal embrittlement.”

Kids movie. Still a kids movie.

Big Hero 6 - 206

“Not bad, Honey Lemon.”

That’s the kind of thing you say right before you slap her on the ass and tell her to pick up that file you dropped under the filing cabinet.

“Honey Lemon? GoGo? Wasabi?”

Big Hero 6 - 207

“I spill wasabi on my shirt ONE TIME, people!”

What’s your actual name, then? Knowing Disney, I bet it’s something like Bling Bling Jaquanson.

Big Hero 6 - 208

“Fred is the one who comes up with the nicknames.”

“Who’s Fred?”

The guy we’re about to meet right now.

Big Hero 6 - 209

Big Hero 6 - 210

Big Hero 6 - 211

Ah, TJ Miller, playing a stoner. Real stretch.

Big Hero 6 - 212

Still curious, though — Tadashi has a real name and not a nickname. Everyone else has a nickname and not a real name. Great storytelling, guys! We don’t know these other people’s real names and you didn’t bother to give Tadashi a nickname because you’re gonna kill him in twenty minutes.

Big Hero 6 - 213

Big Hero 6 - 214

A sign spinner. Oh boy.

Big Hero 6 - 215

He’s not a student. He’s just kinda there.

Big Hero 6 - 216

He also wants to turn into Reptar.

Big Hero 6 - 217

And now all of our characters are going to gather around.

And this is apparently the entire enrollment in this school. We never see anybody else, so I’m left to believe no one else goes here. How can they afford to keep going? I know I saw other people before. Do they not matter?

Anyway, Fred goes on about some stupid shit. Invisible sandwiches and shrink rays. All of which are apparently “not science.” And yet what we just saw somehow was.

Big Hero 6 - 218

And apparently Tadashi can go off and do whatever he wants, but the rest of them have to work in packs and aren’t allowed to be individuals.

Big Hero 6 - 219

His window is a Poké Ball.

Big Hero 6 - 220

“So, what have you been working on?”

“I’ll show you.”

Big Hero 6 - 221


Is this some kind of sick porno?

When someone asks what you’ve been doing in your super secret lab, don’t pull out a roll of duct tape and not say anything.

Big Hero 6 - 222

Big Hero 6 - 223

Big Hero 6 - 224

Big Hero 6 - 225


Big Hero 6 - 226

Big Hero 6 - 227

Big Hero 6 - 228

“This is what I’ve been working on.”

A giant condom friend?

Big Hero 6 - 229

Big Hero 6 - 230

Big Hero 6 - 231

Big Hero 6 - 232

Big Hero 6 - 233

Big Hero 6 - 234

Big Hero 6 - 235

Big Hero 6 - 236

Big Hero 6 - 237

“Hello, I am Baymax. Your personal healthcare companion.”

Personal healthcare companions already exist. They’re called whiskey.

“I was alerted to the need for medical attention when you sad ‘ow.’”

Big Hero 6 - 238

“On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your pain?”

Big Hero 6 - 239

“Physical or emotional?”

My thoughts exactly.

Big Hero 6 - 240

“I will scan you now.”

Damn gurl you lookin’ fine as hell.

Big Hero 6 - 241

“You have a slight epidermal abrasion on your forearm.”

Big Hero 6 - 242

“I suggest an antibacterial spray.”

Big Hero 6 - 243

“That’s a bummer. I’m actually allergic to that.”

“You are not allergic to bacitracin. You have a mild allergy to peanuts.”

Big Hero 6 - 244

“You’ve done some serious coding on this thing, huh?”

He just has that in there? Does that mean he has xanax and shit in there too?

Big Hero 6 - 245

“Programmed him with over 10,000 medical procedures.”


Big Hero 6 - 246

“This chip is what makes Baymax, Baymax.”

Remember that for later kids. Hint hint, obvious closeup, hint.

Big Hero 6 - 247


“Yeah. Going for a non-threatening huggable kind of thing.”

“Looks like a walking marshmallow. No offense.”

“I am a robot. I cannot be offended.”

Big Hero 6 - 248

Big Hero 6 - 249

They go over technical specs. Which is apparently what this movie has instead of character development.

Big Hero 6 - 250

Big Hero 6 - 251

He can lift a thousand pounds.

Big Hero 6 - 252

“You have been a good boy. Have a lollipop.”

Where do you keep those? In your Baynus?

Big Hero 6 - 253

“I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care.”

That’s a fucked up fail-safe. So can he keep saying he’s not satisfied until he gives him morphine?


I want my drug dealer to look like a giant marshmallow.

Gimme some of that Bay-Molly!

“Well then, I am satisfied with my care.”

Big Hero 6 - 254

“He’s gonna help a lot of people.”

You can send him to get weed for you when you’re lazy.

Big Hero 6 - 255

“What kind of battery does he use?”

“Lithium ion.”

I’d have guessed 9 volt.


Big Hero 6 - 256

“Super capacitors would be way faster.”


Did you not know that? I feel like you’d have known super capacitors would be faster.

Big Hero 6 - 257

“Burning the midnight oil, Mr. Hamada?”


Big Hero 6 - 258

And now we meet this random old guy. Cuz, sure.

He says some shit about his daughter. He’s a non-threatening old man.

“Magnetic-bearing servos.”

“Pretty sick, huh? Wanna see how I put him together?”

Big Hero 6 - 259

“Hey, genius, he invented them.”

Big Hero 6 - 260

“You’re Robert Callaghan.”

You know who invented magnetic-bearing servos?

Big Hero 6 - 261

Oh, y’all didn’t know you were in the presence of greatness?

“Ever think of applying here? Your age wouldn’t be an issue.”

So what are the criteria for going into this school? Why wouldn’t age be an issue? This seems like a shady place. I don’t trust an old dude who tells a 14 year old, “You can come to my school.”

Big Hero 6 - 262

“I don’t know, he’s pretty serious about his career in bot fighting.”

And the hours don’t lend themselves to both?

Big Hero 6 - 263

“I imagine with your bot, winning must come easy. If you like easy, then my program isn’t for you.”

What program? People can do what they want.

“We push the boundaries of robotics here. My students go on to shape the future.”

If you say so, Captain Cardigan.

Big Hero 6 - 264

This would be known in GTA as a Faggio.

“We gotta hurry if we want to catch that bot fight.”

Yeah, I’m pretty sure he said if he went straight there and hurried he might make it. This was a lazy excuse to get us to this institute. Bad writing.

Big Hero 6 - 265

“I have to go here. If I don’t go to this nerd school, I’m going to lose my mind. How do I get in?”


Big Hero 6 - 266

Also, SERIOUSLY? Is that all it took to make him want to go despite months of him saying “fuck that shit”? What fucking terrible writing this is.

Big Hero 6 - 267

Why do you have a poster for an illegal activity on your wall?

Big Hero 6 - 268

How fickle is child.

Big Hero 6 - 269

“Every year the school has a showcase. You come up with something that blows Callaghan away, you’re in.”

So, like a bomb? Doesn’t he die from a bomb explosion? Is this foreshadowing?

Also, didn’t the guy already say he should apply and he’d get in? This seems like a lazy excuse to move the plot along.

Big Hero 6 - 270

“Trust me, it will be.”

He said, doing Walken Fingers.

Also, if someone tells you that you need to blow someone away, and they say that and make that face, stay away from them.

Big Hero 6 - 271

Oh-kay. Weird shot.

Big Hero 6 - 272

Eye of the Tiger? REALLY?

Big Hero 6 - 273

Just like Rocky IV.

Big Hero 6 - 274

What if he just stabbed himself with that?

Big Hero 6 - 275

Big Hero 6 - 276

Even if this is a fake montage, that was a terrible choice.

Big Hero 6 - 277

We’re still only like fifteen minutes into this movie. And we’ve gone from arrested to random nerd school to “I need to win this talent competition.” And we’re gonna end with SUPERHEROES.

Big Hero 6 - 278

“Wow, washed up at 14. So sad.”

How do either of you jerk off in here?

Big Hero 6 - 279

“I got nothing. I’m done. I’m never getting in.”

Fuck you.

Big Hero 6 - 280

“I’m not giving up on you.”

You should. I have.

Big Hero 6 - 281

What am I watching?

Also, I like to think of that clock as dancing all the time.

Big Hero 6 - 282

“Shake things up. Use that big brain of yours to think your way out.”

Big Hero 6 - 283

“Look for a new angle.”

See? Doesn’t this get better if you think of the clock as dancing in the background?

Big Hero 6 - 284

Big Hero 6 - 285

Big Hero 6 - 286

How this gave him the epiphany, I’ll never know. And we’ll never know. Because they don’t bother to tell us.

Big Hero 6 - 287

What happened to the montage music?

Big Hero 6 - 288

Big Hero 6 - 289

How are we supposed to care about our hero if we cannot see or understand what he is doing? Really, really poor storytelling, guys.

Big Hero 6 - 290

Somehow they have a cafe, a house and a garage all in one location.

Big Hero 6 - 291

Big Hero 6 - 292

Big Hero 6 - 293

Big Hero 6 - 294

Big Hero 6 - 295

Do these people not have friends? Do they only hang out with each other?

Do you think they have orgies?

Big Hero 6 - 296

Big Hero 6 - 297

Look at dat booty.

Big Hero 6 - 298

Is he stealing these from the neighbors? Or is he buying them? Those cost at least $50 if you want to buy one from the city. Where is he getting the money?

Here’s another issue with this movie – he’s a rich smart kid. So he has more money than all of us and is way smarter than all of us. And we haven’t been given anything about him to like or identify with.

Big Hero 6 - 299

Big Hero 6 - 300

Big Hero 6 - 301

And we still don’t know what we just watched. Great job, guys.

Big Hero 6 - 302

Big Hero 6 - 303

Way to set up this competition as something that matters. We already know he’s going to win. This is pointless.

Big Hero 6 - 304


Would be better if his breathing apparatus was a mustache.

Big Hero 6 - 305

“Sweet tech here today. How you feeling?”

“You’re talking to an ex-bot fighter. Takes a lot more than this to rattle me.”

Again, this hasn’t been built up to mean anything, so who gives a shit?

Big Hero 6 - 306

“Yup, he’s nervous.”

She tells him to stop being such a little BITCH.

Big Hero 6 - 307

Time for the token black guy to say something sassy.

Big Hero 6 - 308

“I haven’t done laundry in six months.”

And this guy.

He wears his underwear four times. Wears ’em front, then back, then front and back.

Big Hero 6 - 309

“Wow. That is both disgusting and awesome.”

And unnecessary.

Big Hero 6 - 310

Oh wow, and it’s magically his turn. Weird how he showed up like right as he was about to go on and not a second before.

Big Hero 6 - 311

Fuck you.

Big Hero 6 - 312

Big Hero 6 - 313

And now they all say catchphrases.

Big Hero 6 - 314

“What’s going on?”

“I really wanna go here.”

Why are you nervous all of a sudden after everyone just cheered you up? THIS IS BAD WRITING.

Big Hero 6 - 315

“Hey – you got this.”

That’s your pep talk?

Big Hero 6 - 316

Please start singing “In Dreams” and then drop the mic and walk off stage.

Big Hero 6 - 317

A candy-colored cloud they call the sandman…

“My name is Hiro Hamada.”

They know this. They announced you.

Big Hero 6 - 318

Is this a Richard Simmons hologram workout tape? AWESOME.

Big Hero 6 - 319

“This is a microbot.”

Yes, those.

Big Hero 6 - 320

Big Hero 6 - 321

Same here, guy.

Big Hero 6 - 322


Big Hero 6 - 323

“It doesn’t look like much, but when it links up with the rest of its pals…”

Big Hero 6 - 324

Big Hero 6 - 325

Big Hero 6 - 326

Big Hero 6 - 327

Big Hero 6 - 328

“Things get a little more interesting.”

Big Hero 6 - 329

So he comes up with this in about five seconds and makes it in about a week in his garage. Sure. He had the money and the resources to do that.

Big Hero 6 - 330

Big Hero 6 - 331

Big Hero 6 - 332

Big Hero 6 - 333

Big Hero 6 - 334

Neural transmitter. Whatever.

Big Hero 6 - 335

“I think what I want them to do.”

Big Hero 6 - 336

“They do it.”

Big Hero 6 - 337


What if you think about fucking the chick in the front row? Do they simulate that?

Big Hero 6 - 338

Why wasn’t Aunt Cass allowed to show up with everyone else? Was she parking the car? Or van? Or whatever the hell U-Haul truck it took to bring all those containers? Which somehow never fell over during transport?

Was Aunt Cass banging a dude in the bathroom? She seems like the type.

Big Hero 6 - 339

Big Hero 6 - 340

Big Hero 6 - 341

Uhh… it just created metal?

Big Hero 6 - 342

“If you can think it, the microbots can do it.”

Wow, if only that couldn’t ever fall into the wrong hands.

Again, if I can think about no more cancer, or like… donuts, can they do that?

Big Hero 6 - 343

Big Hero 6 - 344

That actually kind of works as a cut in. He doesn’t look suspicious and this works as him being impressed with the work.

Is that the first compliment I’ve paid this movie?

Big Hero 6 - 345

Big Hero 6 - 346

Big Hero 6 - 347

Big Hero 6 - 348

“The only limit is your imagination.”

Big Hero 6 - 349

Big Hero 6 - 350

Big Hero 6 - 351


So that happened. I don’t care.

Big Hero 6 - 352

Big Hero 6 - 353

Is that a sentient clapping robot? Or is it attached to that helmet the other dude is wearing?

Big Hero 6 - 354

Big Hero 6 - 355

She want some of that D.

Wasabi knows what I’m talking about.

Big Hero 6 - 356

Big Hero 6 - 357

Big Hero 6 - 358

Aww, that’s how he’s gonna die in five minutes.

Big Hero 6 - 359

Wow, the people in the school are congratulating him. This isn’t rigged at all.

Also, did they not know what he was working on? Why are they so happy? Because he was able to speak in public? Is this what we’ve become as a society?

“That was amazing!”

Big Hero 6 - 360

“Yes. With some development, your tech could be revolutionary.”

That’s a subtle dick move. “Yeah ,your shit can be great… with some work.”

Big Hero 6 - 361

Red herring.

“I want your microbots at Krei tech.”

Lisa, I wanna buy your rock.

Big Hero 6 - 362

“Mr. Krei is right. Your microbots are an inspired piece of tech. You can develop them, or you can sell them to someone who’s only guided by his own self-interest.”

These guys must be really great friends.

I’m not great with obvious social cues.

Big Hero 6 - 363

“This is your decision, Hiro. Who you gonna go with? The trustworthy old man who runs the carnival downtown, or the oily businessman who clearly deals arms under the table to brown people?”

Big Hero 6 - 364

He cuts corners and ignores science.

Plus… brown people.

“I wouldn’t trust Krei tech with your microbots. Or anything else.”

What a dick move.

“Hiro, I’m offering you more money than any 14 year old can imagine.”

Would you really say that to a 14 year old?

Also, this is an old man you met once. You have no reason to trust him other than he runs the school you want to get into and created some shit you use now, and he’s like, “Don’t fucking trust this guy” out of nowhere with no reasoning and no real purpose.

Big Hero 6 - 365

Why are you on the spot right now? We don’t even know if you got into the school. If my choice was school or money, and I really wanted the school, okay maybe. But if the schmuck in the water tank won, and it’s money or nothing, I’m weaponizing that shit. Cut the check, count my money, party with bitches.

“I appreciate the offer, Mr. Krei, but they’re not for sale.”

Or you could take his card and take a minute to think about it.

Big Hero 6 - 366

“I thought you were smarter than that.”

He’s 14.

Big Hero 6 - 367

“Mr. Krei – that’s my brother’s.”

Big Hero 6 - 368

This dude Krei should sue this movie for libel.

Big Hero 6 - 369

Big Hero 6 - 370

“I look forward to seeing you in class.”

Would you have given that to him if he sold his tech?

Also, does he not pay tuition? What if he was like, “You’re in. Now pay me $84,000”?

Big Hero 6 - 371

This has to be frowned upon. Are any of the other contestants hanging out with students?

That’s like auditioning for a part in a movie when your best friend IS THE LEAD ACTOR.

Big Hero 6 - 372

Exposition Hall. You got that shit right.

Big Hero 6 - 373

“Dinner is on me.”

Is it whipped cream?

Big Hero 6 - 374

“We’ll catch up, okay?”

So all the non family members are gonna eat and these guys are gonna go off on their own?

Big Hero 6 - 375

“I know what you’re gonna say. I should be proud of myself cause I’m finally using my gift for something important.”

No, he’s gonna say you should have taken the money, you fucking moron.

Big Hero 6 - 376

“No, no, I was just gonna tell you your fly was down for the whole show.”

“Ha ha-larious.”

Big Hero 6 - 377

Big Hero 6 - 378

Big Hero 6 - 379

Still a Disney movie.

Big Hero 6 - 380

Big Hero 6 - 381

“Welcome to nerd school. Nerd.”

“Hey, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, so – you know, thanks for not giving up on me.“

Giving up on him? He’s 14! And related to you!

Big Hero 6 - 382

Big Hero 6 - 383

Uh oh, fire alarm. Let’s run toward it!

Big Hero 6 - 384

That fire spread really quickly really fast. You were all just inside of there like seconds ago. Very strange plan by this guy.

Which is all Tadashi’s fault, by the way. If he didn’t make Hiro interested in this school, he wouldn’t have created the microbots, which is the reason this evil plan is happening. So Tadashi basically caused his own death.

Big Hero 6 - 385

“Are you okay?”

Well clearly not, she’s fucking COUGHING HER LUNGS UP!

Big Hero 6 - 386

Oh no, Professor Cardigan is still in there! Thanks, Exposition Lady!

Big Hero 6 - 387

They set this up too obviously that Tadashi’s about to die. The better way to play this would have been to have them start planning to work together to save the guy, and it’s, “Yeah, we’re gonna use our brains and work together and save the day!” And then Tadashi suddenly is dead and it blindsides you. Here, you know where this is going.

It’s your classic superhero orphan dead family member origin story.

Big Hero 6 - 388

“Tadashi, no!”

Big Hero 6 - 389

Yeah, seriously, no.

Big Hero 6 - 390

“Callaghan’s in there. Someone has to help.”

And what if it was Krei? Would you still feel the same?

Big Hero 6 - 391

Of course his fucking hat falls off.

Big Hero 6 - 392

Big Hero 6 - 393

Big Hero 6 - 394

And this is why you always go eat right away.

Why did they stop, exactly?

For just this moment in the story.

Bad writing, people.

Big Hero 6 - 395

And of course he’s perfectly fine after this explosion.

Big Hero 6 - 396

Big Hero 6 - 397

And that’s the END OF THE MOVIE!

Big Hero 6 - 398


Big Hero 6 - 399

Big Hero 6 - 400

Big Hero 6 - 401

Big Hero 6 - 402

And that’s the end of the movie!

Or just Part I.

– – – – – – – – – –

Tomorrow is Part II.


5 responses

  1. What exactly is your issue with the movie suggesting to kids that science is cool? It is totally lying, naturally, but it’s a good way to push them into paying attention to unusual subjects.
    BTW, Hiro is only half-Asian. Which is why his and Tadashi’s eyes are slightly more slanted than the eyes of the other characters.

    December 2, 2015 at 2:37 pm

    • BlueFox94

      I think it has to do with audience staging. Watering down character intelligence in media (“English, please!”) is always annoying, but making it so lofty that it makes it almost impossible for the audience to relate to the characters is also a mistake. What’s worse is that Hiro isn’t given much to make us feel for him. I mean, bot fighting is bad, but he’s good enough that it shouldn’t make his loved ones think that Hiro’s wasting his time. And looking for a more legitimate form of competitive bot fighting wouldn’t make for a compelling conflict.

      The entire setup for Big Hero 6 before Tadashi dies falters in the most fundamental elements of an effective story. It doesn’t seem like it, given its pace, but as always, the devil is in the details. Sometimes bad details make for comedic trifles or have little effect on the film as a whole because other details compensate for them (i.e. The Empire Strikes Back), but most times, they should concern all viewers, from the hardcore cinephile to the average viewer.

      December 2, 2015 at 3:50 pm

      • Let’s me make myself clear here that the only reason why I’m glad Big Hero 6 won the Oscar is because it was, for me, the least problematic of the nominees that could actually win.

        Song Of The Sea and The Tale Of Princess Kaguya were hands-down the two best animated films of 2014, but their overseas origins almost immediately rendered their nominations their rewards, even with Tomm Moore’s ability to make animated films that manage to sneak onto the Oscar field and Kaguya being of Studio Ghibli and of Grave Of The Fireflies director Isao Takahata. It’s unfortunate, but that’s typical Oscar conduct. We shouldn’t be surprised or naive to think that Academy voters would go for a foreign nominee outside of the Best Foreign Language Film category (for obvious reasons).

        That leaves the three American offerings.

        The Boxtrolls was nicely animated and the category always injects flavor via the inclusion of a stop-motion animated film. However, the story was admittedly fragmented and we didn’t spend enough time with the Boxtrolls themselves to compensate for the mostly forgettable human characters. The Boxtrolls, in a way, was Laika Entertainment’s stumble.

        (I kinda wish The Book Of Life was nominated here instead. Sure, that film has its modern quirks and cringe-worthy pop culture references, but at least they adapted those to fit the tone and culture of the film instead of just inserting them in there. Furthermore, the film’s sincere take on a love triangle story did win me over, not to mention the execution of the animation. Jorge R. Gutierrez did a fantastic job with his film, all things considered.)

        And then there was the presumed frontrunner (in the absence of The Lego Movie), How To Train Your Dragon 2. The first film was kinda cool and epic in scope, if actually a too-simple tale of a boy and a dragon that didn’t exactly match well with the type of scope the film made for itself. But it was likable enough (though no one in their right mind should consider the film even close to Toy Story 3, which not only had the better writing, but had 1 1/2 decades of scope and character arcs to back it up). HTTYD2, on the other hand, didn’t feel all that necessary outside of the family reunion stuff. Anything involving that insane world-domination scheme and that cookie-cutter atrocity of a villain was shallow and overblown. And the way they killed off a major character was cheap and emotionless, kinda like how Rocky III just dumped Mickey from the first half of the film and then barely mentioned him again until Rocky V. The family reunion stuff was the best part of the film and it didn’t even last that long. How people think that Dragon 2 is better than Dragon 1 is beyond me, and that developed to the point that I even considered Dragon 2 more overrated than The Lego Movie for a while.

        I’ll just end my spiel by saying this…Big Hero 6 is the Renée Zellweger of the Best Animated Feature winners. Technically the best decision the Academy could’ve made, given their tendencies, but they could’ve really done better for themselves if they had looked towards the more foreign contender (Shohreh Aghdashloo).

        December 3, 2015 at 1:21 am

  2. Such a nice post just love it… I have no words to say…

    December 2, 2015 at 11:39 pm

  3. Love these caption-filled posts!

    December 3, 2015 at 7:54 am

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