Oscars 2015: ASC Nominations

Guess if Roger Deakins was nominated.

Seriously, I saw they were out and didn’t even have to look to know he was nominated.

The American Society of Cinematographers (I’d like to be part of a society. If only that were possible) announced their nominees today.

And yeah… not a whole lot else to say there. Here they are:

Bridge of Spies
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Revenant

No real surprises there. This could easily be your Oscar category. A Spielberg film usually sneaks in if they didn’t vote for it here. Mad Max, The Revenant and Sicario were always gonna be here. Carol is the only one that maybe doesn’t get on the final list. But at this point, why not? Plus he got nominated for Far From Heaven, so it would make sense.

What else could sneak on? Hateful Eight? Lotta interiors there. Creed? Do they take the film seriously enough? Not sure what else there is. The Martian doesn’t feel like it’ll get any votes. Son of Saul? They usually go foreign randomly. The Assassin would seem to be the choice. I wouldn’t rule that out. This branch does like to go with a foreign choice. Beasts of No Nation got no traction anywhere. The Danish Girl doesn’t seem liked enough.

Right now, I’m thinking this is your category, with maybe a foreign film possibly sneaking on, and maybemaybe (double italics) The Hateful Eight, just because it’s Richardson. Otherwise, I got nothing else.


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