Oscars 2016: ACE Eddie Nominations

The ACE Eddie Awards were announced.

Best Editing is the most important category for gauging a nominee’s chances at Best Picture. Which makes these nominations both really important and really not important. Because the Academy is gonna nominate whatever they want in Editing anyway. They’re going to make sure the nominees match what they liked best. But at least we can get a handle on where their heads are at now, so that’s good.

Here are your nominees for this year:

Best Editing (Dramatic)


Hacksaw Ridge

Hell or High Water

Manchester by the Sea


This is looking pretty close to what I’m figuring your Oscar category will be.

Manchester and Moonlight should get nominated. Arrival is 50/50 depending on how much they like it. Hell or High Water could sneak in there, but it depends on how much they like it. Hacksaw seems unlikely, but it’s a war movie and they do seem to like it, so you never know.

Much longer shot nominees: Lion, Sully, Silence. Otherwise, it seems likely that four of your five nominees will come from this list. If a Best Picture contender like Jackie or Hidden Figures shows up on here at the Oscars, that’s a major show of support from them. Think back to when Dallas Buyers Club showed up on Editing and everyone took a step back and went, “Whoa.” Because we figured they liked it, but we didn’t realize they really liked it.

Best Editing (Musical/Comedy)


Hail, Caesar!

The Jungle Book

La La Land

The Lobster

Cool. Only La La Land will be nominated, but good on them for the other nominees.

Best Editing (Animated)

Kubo and the Two Strings



Fine with this.

Best Editing (Documentary)


Amanda Knox

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week

O.J. Made in America


It’s almost unfair that everyone else has to go up against OJ: Made in America.

– – – – – – – – – –

Right now, it’s looking like your Editing category will be La La Land, Moonlight, Manchester and probably Arrival and/or Hacksaw, Hell or High Water, or some other outside Best Picture contender. Safe money is on Arrival and Hacksaw, since Hell or High Water could be that lame duck Best Picture nominee that gets the Picture nomination, has no real shot, but manages a respectable amount of nominations. But I don’t know. I really don’t know how much they loved it. It’s showing up everywhere, so that seems to point to a legitimate shot at Best Editing. I want the next two weeks to play out before I make any guesses.

– – – – – – – – – –


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