Oscars 2016: Annie Awards

Big night tonight last night. Three major guild awards being were given out. We’re gonna handle them in order of importance. This one being the least important. (Note: I wrote all these up last night, but was too drunk to actually make sure I actually wrote them up, so they waited until this morning. Nothing beats drinking too much like waking up super early and cooking chili for your Super Bowl party.)

Not that the Annie Awards aren’t important, but so many years it’s like — this year Pixar decided to take themselves out of contention and told nobody to vote for them. Or this year Pixar decided they wanted to win everything. It ultimately doesn’t really affect Best Animated Feature all that much. You typically know what the favorite is without knowing what happened here. They haven’t been particularly helpful in gauging the race, aside from when the obvious choice is gonna win (and even then. Toy Story 3 lost to How to Train Your Dragon at the Annies. And that movie was nominated for Best Picture).

So here are your Annie Award winners for 2016:

Zootopia won six awards, including Best Animated Feature, Directing, Writing, Character Design, Storyboarding and Voice Acting (for Jason Bateman). That last one was actually a tie.

Kubo and the Two Strings won three awards — Production Design, Character Animation and Editorial.

Moana won two — Animated Effects and also Voice Acting (for Auli’i Cravalho). She tied with Zootopia there.

The Red Turtle won for Independent Animated Feature, The Little Prince won for Music, The Jungle Book won for Character Animation in Live-Action, Doctor Strange won for Animated Effects in Live-Action.

And for the shorts — Piper won for Best Animated Short, while Pearl won for Directing in TV, Production Design in TV and Music in TV, and Pearl Cider and Cigarettes won for Animated Special Production.

Not that I put stock into these results, but Zootopia is clearly your favorite to win the Oscar, with Kubo as a potential spoiler. And shorts — while no one really has any idea what happens there, Piper is of course gonna look like a favorite and Pearl definitely looks like a contender as well. But that one… no one really has any idea. This will be an interesting year there.


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One response

  1. chinoiserie

    When How to Train Your Dragon won Dreamworks was influencing the Annies, it was a big deal. But that is in the past now.

    February 8, 2017 at 4:57 pm

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