My Favorite Moments in the Best Picture Nominees: Hidden Figures

This has become an annual tradition the day before the Oscars. In order move away all the subjectivity and negativity that happens when figuring out what should win and what’s going to win (especially this year, where the backlash is in full effect), I get away from all of that stuff and celebrate the films that are nominated for Best Picture.

We take this day to look at them as masterworks of cinema and not as films competing for a trophy. All of that other stuff — the analysis, the opinions — that’s all done with. Today, we take a minute, we stop, and we appreciate the films themselves. I count down my five favorite moments (or elements) of each of them.

When you take away all the awards, all the competition, and all the arbitrary decisions about what film is better than the others, what we’re left with is great cinema. That’s what we’re celebrating.

Our next nominee is Hidden Figures.



5. The outburst

This is the most powerful scene in this movie. This is the scene where, even if you want to dislike this movie, you have to go, “Oh damn. Good on you.” Because fuck all of them. I know people want to call this movie “safe” and “appealing to white people” but you need to realize — there’s a reason these same scenes happen in all these movies: they happened. They happened a lot. And it doesn’t matter if this is broad and likable and not tough and hard-hitting. Because you know what? White people now know this story. And they liked this movie. That’s way more important than what any film buff and critic has to say about it.


4. Dorothy Vaughan


3. Mary Jackson


2. Katherine Johnson


1. The story






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One response

  1. I think your numbering messed up, but love the points!

    February 26, 2017 at 6:57 am

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