Oscars 2017: Best Foreign Language Film Shortlist

Forgive me, but I’m gonna use these shortlists to distract you from the fact that my last reviews article won’t be going up until late tonight when I’m sitting in the airport and have time to bang out the last handful I need to write up.

In the meantime, here’s the Best Foreign Language Film shortlist.

They submitted 92 features for this category, and now they’re gonna give you 9, of which 5 will be nominated. This is a year where all the chalk has made it through all the way, so I wouldn’t expect a whole lot of differentiation from that.

Let’s get into the list before we get any further:

Your nine contenders are:

A Fantastic Woman (Chile)

In the Fade (Germany)

On Body and Soul (Hungary)

Foxtrot (Israel)

The Insult (Lebanon)

Loveless (Russia)

Félicité (Senegal)

The Wound (South Africa)

The Square (Sweden)

Couple of things — Senegal gets shortlisted after their first submission. Rigged system much? I mean, I’m sure the film is fine, but… really, guys? You’re starting to look like FIFA a little bit there.

Second — there’s no way Loveless and The Square aren’t nominated.

Third — and most importantly, since I am nothing if not an egotistical little shit — straight up guessed five out of these nine on the shortlist I make up when I write up the category. That was exactly three weeks ago. Feeling pretty good about that. And sure, I straight up missed three of the remaining four, but the fourth one, In the Fade, I left off deliberately, knowing it was probably gonna get on, but playing the hunch that it might not. So I feel like I’ve done my part.

Now, as for what will be nominated — I already think 40% of the category is locked. So it’s really about what the remaining three are gonna be.

The obvious category is: In the Fade, Foxtrot, The Insult, Loveless, The Square.

But that’s the obvious one. I think In the Fade does actually get left off in the end. Call me crazy, but I do. I think they put one of the African countries on there just to round out the geography a little bit.

I also forgot about A Fantastic Woman, which I do think is a major contender and possibly one of the five most likely nominees. That probably does get on.

Really, what I’m saying is, I think they’re gonna give one of the African countries a shot.

Though, to be perfectly honest, since I can’t really suss this one out, I probably am gonna end up going chalk and seeing which way they go.

A Fantastic Woman
The Insult
The Square

That would probably be my guess. Does Senegal require a nomination on the first one? Or is the shortlist enough to get the point across? And South Africa — is that really that much different than Chile? It’s south. It’s not Europe. Maybe that’s enough for them. Plus you get Israel in there. And Russia a bit. I think that’s enough for them.

I don’t know. Let’s wait the month before nominations so I can see some of these. I’ve really only seen A Fantastic Woman so far. Loveless and The Insult I’ll see within the week, and The Square hopefully will be within the month. The two Africa movies I’ll only get to see if and when they’re nominated, and maybe Foxtrot comes before then, I don’t know. In the Fade too. I’ll likely be flying blind on much of this category, but how is that different from any other year?

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  1. I wonder how the BPM guys are feeling right now. Maybe The Assassin’s gonna pass by and offer to buy a drink?

    December 15, 2017 at 3:20 pm

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