Oscars 2017: Best Original Song Eligibles

I don’t know why it always comes out on December 19th, but that’s always the internal marker I have to check for the Best Original Song list.

There are 70 songs eligible for Best Original Song this year (IT’S NOT A SHORTLIST). What I do is run each of them down, link to as many as I can, and just sort of familiarize myself with them and see how I think voting is gonna go. I also rate them and stuff, to make it fun for me. Last year there were 91, so we’ve got our work cut out for us this year.

This is one of my favorite articles of the year to write, so let’s jump right into it.

1. “U.N.I (You And I),” from And the Winner Isn’t

Great start. First song and I can’d find it. Apparently this is a mockumentary and the song was written and sung by Geoffrey Moore, Roger Moore’s son.

So that tells you it won’t be nominated.

No idea if the song is any good. But at least we know we can disregard it.

2. “Love And Lies,” from Band Aid

I like this. It’s charming. It works in the context of the film. On its own… not as much. But the leads perform the song themselves, so that helps.

3.5 stars.

A bit too hipster/indie for me, but still, I’m a fan of how this movie utilizes the songs, so that gets me through.

3. “If I Dare,” from Battle of the Sexes

It’s fine. Doesn’t do much for me. This feels more like an album cut than a song done in the service of a movie.

3/3.5 on song along. For this category’s purposes, 3 stars.

Starting to get the feeling we’ve got a really weak year ahead of us.

Which I probably say every year.

4. “Evermore,” from Beauty and the Beast

Not a fan of the whole, singing through obvious CGI thing, but the song is fine. Clearly written for the movie. Definitely more ‘Broadway’ than Beauty and the Beast. Definitely shows you how good Howard Ashman was at what he did.

3 stars.

That CGI scares the shit out of me. Just put the guy in a fucking costume.

I don’t want my CGI creatures singing. I want them in imaginary Old Hollywood musical numbers.

5. “How Does A Moment Last Forever,” from Beauty and the Beast

Ah, an accordion beginning. That means France!

When was it decided that accordion means France?

Nice to hear Celine. I feel like they bring her in for at least one of these a year.

Most of me liking this has to do with her voice more so than liking the actual song.

We should do a test and have her sing a Randy Newman song and see how that changes it.

3 stars.

If anything’s got a shot, maybe it’s “Evermore.” I just heard the Josh Groban version. It’s less freaky than Digi-Beast. Still, very Broadway. The Celine one fits ‘movies’ more. But I don’t really see either particularly having a strong chance. But then again, I’m only at the top. There might literally be nothing they can nominate.

6. “Now Or Never,” from Bloodline: Now or Never

This is on Spotify. You can find it easily enough.

This sounds like if you took the person who decided Madonna’s James Bond song was a good idea, took a trumpeter and a club beat and said, “I’m gonna write another one!”

It’s not great, is what I’m getting at.

2.5 stars.

It’s an interesting oddity of a song, but the styles clash way too much. They should have just went simpler and classier.

7. “She,” from Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Oh-kay. Is this something they do? Write songs for every documentary? Who made that a thing? That had to be something people started doing to emulate one in particular. Who started this? Because every goddamn documentary now has a J. Ralph song that gets nominated. (By the way, nothing from him this year, as far as I can tell. Though he was the composer on Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, which may mean he had something to do with that song.)

Song’s fine. 3 stars. Can’t imagine they nominate this.

8. “Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go,” from The Book of Henry

Oh my god, please nominate this. Just for Academy Award nominee The Book of Henry.

Man, Stevie Nicks, though. That’s the voice of someone who’s done a lot of drugs.

3 stars.

You know this shit ain’t happening. I’m down for it if they wanna, but there’s no way.

9. “Buddy’s Business,” from Brawl in Cell Block 99

You can listen to this here.

I fucking love this. This is so perfect for the movie. The movie, by the way, has a bunch of great songs, reminiscent of those 70s B movies.

4 stars. Right now, I’d nominate this. There’s no way they ever would, though.

10. “The Crown Sleeps,” from The Breadwinner

This is on Spotify. It’s gettable.

The song’s just okay. The harmonies in the chorus are nice. Otherwise, it didn’t do a whole lot for me.

3 stars.

11. “World Gone Mad,” from Bright

Academy Award nominee Bright. To follow up Academy Award winner Suicide Squad.

The movie might get nominated in Makeup & Hairstyling anyway. But it’s still funny.

No idea who this band is. My first thought hearing this is, “Wow, they can’t hide the accents.” A lot of UK singers don’t always sound as pronounced as this. Then one of the lyrics said “You don’t wanna fuck with us,” which pretty much cemented the fact that they’ll never nominate this, not that we had any belief they would anyway, right?

3 stars.

Purely for the “you don’t wanna fuck with us” done in Chris Martin/Sam Smith falsetto.

12. “Mystery Of Love,” from Call Me by Your Name

There’s no way they’re not nominating one of these two, right? It’s a beloved movie this year, and it’s Sufjan Stevens. White people fucking love them some Sufjan.

This is the one, too. This is the song they’ll pick.

I’ll admit to having not really heard much of anything he’s done, but even from the movie, this song stuck out to me. I thought it was some indie bullshit they picked up. Didn’t realize it was written specifically for the movie.

4 stars.

Also, for what it’s worth, Sufjan Stevens looks nothing like I pictured him. He looks like if you put Andy Kaufman in Williamsburg.

13. “Visions Of Gideon,” from Call Me by Your Name

Looking closer, he looks more like a young, hipster Clive Owen.

This song isn’t as good as the first one, but it’s nice.

3.5 stars. If they nominate either, it’ll be the first one, right?

14. “Captain Underpants Theme Song,” from Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie

It’s Weird Al. Of course I like it.

3.5 stars. And that’s only because of Weird Al. It’s not a great song at all.

Honestly, if you wanna nominate Weird Al for an Oscar, I’m also totally here for that.

15. “Ride,” from Cars 3

The artist’s name is ZZ Ward, and I was hoping it would be ZZ Top. And now I’m immediately disappointed.

She sounds just like everyone else.

3 stars.

It’s generic pop stuff. Doesn’t do anything for me.

Though watching the clips from the movie did make me realize that Armie Hammer plays the rival in this.

Has someone cut a trailer with the Call Me By Your Name audio yet? Because you should.

16. “Run That Race,” from Cars 3

3 stars.

Not for me.

If Pixar is getting on, it’s not for this.

17. “Tell Me How Long,” from Chasing Coral

Kristen… Bell?

Do you wanna see the reef, man?

Also, please do not nominate this fucking song. “Tell me how long till we wake up?” Fucking really? It’s bad enough the Inconvenient Truth song with basically the same message won eleven years ago.

2.5 stars.

It’s just not a good song. And the message is literally beating  you over the head.

Though I’d have given this song 5 stars and an automatic vote if it ended with “Do you wanna build a snowman? Well you fucking CAN’T. Because we’re killing the environment.” And then she drops the mic and walks off.

(It’s like I have to come up with all the good ideas.)

18. “Broken Wings,” from City of Ghosts

It’s on Spotify.

It’s fine. Probably works in the documentary. Doesn’t work for me as a song.

2.5 stars.

19. “Remember Me,” from Coco

I refuse to use the pop version. It’s the song from the movie, or nothing.

Plus it’s Benjamin Bratt, which is pretty awesome.

3.5 stars.

I’m not crazy about the song, but it works. And the year seems weak as fuck, so it could happen.

Though I will say — Pixar isn’t great in this category. Not that they’re crazy about original songs, but unless it’s Randy Newman (all three Toy Story’s, Monsters Inc and the first Cars), they don’t really get on here. Wall-E is the only one, and that was Peter Gabriel.

It could happen, and probably will, but if it doesn’t, I would like to point out how infrequent it is outside of the one Pixar franchise known for songs.

20. “Prayers For This World,” from Cries from Syria

Cher and Diane Warren. That’s… they might have already nominated this.

Diane Warren is always on the list, though. She doesn’t always get nominated. Plus, she wrote the song from Marshall too. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

2.5 stars. Not a fan of the song at all. Have to consider it somewhat of a contender just because of Diane Warren. But it feels unlikely (not that that means anything. None of us really know much of anything with this category).

21. “There’s Something Special,” from Despicable Me 3

I remember hearing this in the movie. I think I scoffed and said, “Of course.” Because it worked last time, so let’s just repeat the exact same thing again.

Only this ain’t “Happy.”

3 stars.

It’s fine, but it’s not getting nominated.

22. “It Ain’t Fair,” from Detroit

Makes sense for a lot of reasons. Will they do it? Don’t know. They’ve ignored the ‘black’ film songs for a lot of the past decade. Selma is the only one that got through. The Butler, all those other ones they just ignored.

This one’s pretty dope, though.

4 stars.

This has a shot.

23. “A Little Change In The Weather,” from Downsizing

3 stars.

It’s cute. Seems a little too simple for them. Not like this is a major thematic element to the movie. That’s probably what something like this would need to make it through.

24. “Stars In My Eyes (Theme From Drawing Home),” from Drawing Home

3 stars.


25. “All In My Head,” from Elizabeth Blue

26. “Dying For Ya,” from Elizabeth Blue

27. “Green,” from Elizabeth Blue

All three of those songs can be found here.

This is a movie no one’s ever heard of that they’re mounting a legitimate Oscar campaign for. (Legitimate being — screeners, website, the whole deal.

I saw the screener when it came in. How many other people actually watched it?

They’re all quite good songs. 3.5 stars all around. They’ll just never do it.

28. “Can’t Hold Out On Love,” from Father Figures

Academy Award nominee Father Figures.

3 stars.

Not a chance this happens.

Look back on their choices. It’s either films generally in the Oscar conversation, the obvious choices (Disney/musicals, songs with specific music in them), or documentaries. Never something that was critically panned (unless it made a shitload of money, a la Fifty Shades). They’d shock me by nominating this.

29. “Home,” from Ferdinand

They’re never as basic as this.

2.5 stars.

30. “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” from Fifty Shades Darker

The minute they nominate this, the minute they lose everything they’ve tried to cultivate as a branch.

They changed the voting system to incorporate more populist songs, but even this is a sell out choice for them.

They’ll never do it.

Also, the song is terrible. 2.5 stars.

31. “You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way,” from Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

Oh, now this is an interesting one.

Gut feeling is — everyone likes the song, and somehow it doesn’t get on.

But here — J. Ralph, three-time nominee, and Elvis Costello. I think you gotta consider this a major contender until they inevitably leave it off their list.

4 stars.

Like the song, though.

32. “This Is How You Walk On,” from Gifted

3 stars.

It’s fine. They don’t nominate stuff like this.

33. “Summer Storm,” from The Glass Castle

3 stars.

It’s fine. They won’t nominate it. This would be quite the pull for even them.

34. “The Pure And The Damned,” from Good Time

CGI Iggy Pop. Okay.

3.5 stars. It’s interesting.

I’d be shocked if they had the balls to go with something like this.

35. “This Is Me,” from The Greatest Showman

Well, this makes our job easy. You know this’ll get on no matter what.

4 stars.

I love it. Sure, I’ve heard it like two dozen times in trailers and promos and shit, but that doesn’t mean the songwriting isn’t any good.

It’s quite possible this wins and the La La Land guys win two years in a row.

Also, just picture this being performed at the Oscars. It’s gonna delight everyone.

I also notice that studios have been taking a targeted approach to this category. I guess they realize the days of Disney getting three songs on here only hurts their chances, so they only submit one song and

36. “The Hero,” from The Hero

3 stars.

It’s fine. Small chance they go here. Doubtful, but possible.

37. “How Shall A Sparrow Fly,” from Hostiles

I remember clocking this song during the movie, because I thought, “Wait, did you just cast Ryan Bingham as one of the soldiers just so you could have him sing a song around the campfire?” I had the same thought in Cold Mountain when Jack White showed up. That’s what the song is. They’re sitting around the campfire, and the stunt casted musician sings a song. Kind of like Fantastic Mr. Fox, how one of the guys just happens to be Jarvis Cocker.

Anyway, I remember the song being fine. Doubt they nominate it, but I’ll need to hear it again before I make any judgments.

38. “Just Getting Started,” from If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast

This is only available for purchase on iTunes, it seems. But you can preview it, which I did. And that gave me everything I needed to know about this.

It’s an old-school, jazzy throwback song. I like these. So 3.5 stars. It’s charming.

39. “Truth To Power,” from An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

The question here is — do they automatically go for this just because it’s An Inconvenient Truth?

OneRepublic isn’t exactly Melissa Etheridge, though.

3 stars.

Not a great song. And I don’t think we take this band seriously enough to truly consider this a contender.

I guess I could see them going here, but you do realize, in years past — like with multiple Fifty Shades songs, they went The Weekend over Taylor Swift, right? I think they do have a semblance of what they don’t like, and I’m not sure where OneRepublic fits on that scale.

Though, maybe they do like them and I sound like an idiot. If so, I guess I’ll just have to live with that.

Because… it’s too late to apologize.

(Thank you, everyone. I’m here all week.)

T-Bune Burnett was really the one who co-wrote this song. I just really wanted to make that OneRepublic joke.

Worth it.

40. “Next Stop, The Stars,” from Kepler’s Dream

This is on Spotify. Dealing with this category is now so much easier with Spotify.

It’s cute. Sounds like a kid singing, and it fits. No idea what the movie is about, but the song is nice.

3.5 stars.

41. “The Devil & The Huntsman,” from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

So, before we hit play, do you think that a song from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is going to be nominated for Best Original Song?

Okay, cool.

Now, the song — not half bad. Fits the movie. I remember it. Pretty solid. 3 stars.

Still, not a goddamn chance they even glance at this for a nomination.

Can you imagine this one being played at the ceremony?

42. “Have You Ever Wondered,” from Lake of Fire

It’s fine. 3 stars.

They won’t nominate it, but it’s pleasant enough to listen to.

Apparently A.R. Rahman worked on these songs, which might carry a little weight with them. Though seeing as how he hasn’t been nominated in six years despite having songs every year be eligible, I’m not gonna think much of it.

43. “I’ll Be Gone,” from Lake of Fire

This is the only song from that movie that’s not on the soundtrack listing. Which makes me wonder if there was a title change or something. But, for the moment, I can’t find anything about this, so we’ll just have to go by the other two and figure it has no shot.

44. “We’ll Party All Night,” from Lake of Fire

The minute they hear the first five notes of this song, they’re gonna be out.

This sounds like something I’d rather be on ecstasy for.

3 stars.

No fucking chance.

45. “Friends Are Family,” from The Lego Batman Movie

Please no.

2.5 stars.

Not that the song is bad, just… please don’t subject me to another one of these.

P.S. They both get downgraded by the stupid lyrics on top of the catchy beat and chorus.

46. “Found My Place,” from The Lego Ninjago Movie


See above.

47. “Stand Up For Something,” from Marshall

Are we sure that’s not really Rihanna?

Diane Warren wrote this, so that has to be taken into consideration. Plus, Common, who just kind of stands there for most of the video until it’s his turn to rap.

Kinda creepy, actually.

Why is he in a hoodie until it’s his turn to rap and then he’s magically in a suit?

3.5 stars.

I like this. Guess it’s possible they go here, but it might be too simplistic for them.

48. “Rain,” from Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Two things I know for sure:

  1. They never nominate a Ghibli/Japanese/anime song if one is eligible.
  2. I always like them

3.5 stars.

This sounded great. I’m sure there’s an English version I’m just not finding, but this works enough for me.

49. “Myron/Byron,” from The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

I can’t find this online, but isn’t that the drinking-type song the family sings?

Sure, that was fun, but why not this song?

That was one of the few really touching moments from that movie (something I never say about Noah Baumbach movies).

But, the drinking song was fun, so 3 stars.

50. “Longing For Summer,” from Moomins and the Winter Wonderland

Imagine if the Moomins movie gets nominated.

I know it could be for Animated, but let’s be serious.

3 stars.

It’s not the worst song in the world. No chance they go there.

51. “Mighty River,” from Mudbound

At this point, this is one of the closest things to a lock that we have. Pretty sure they’ll give this a nomination.

3.5 stars.

It’s not a bad song. Definitely fits.

52. “Never Forget,” from Murder on the Orient Express

4 stars.

I liked this.

Michelle Pfeiffer singing was just a bonus.

Brings me back to the Fabulous Baker Boys days.

Great choice.

Will they bother with this? No idea.

53. “Hold The Light,” from Only the Brave

3 stars.


54. “PBNJ,” from Patti Cake$

Okay, so now we get to relevant songs.

THESE two are actually what the category is about. Songs written for a movie that actually have thematic relevance. Specifically the next one.

Plus, they’re both really good.

4.5 stars. I’d straight up nominate both of these.

I have no idea if they will, though I suspect they won’t, because the Music branch is a fucking weird one.

55. “Tuff Love (Finale),” from Patti Cake$

This is perhaps the most perfectly placed song of the year. This is the climatic moment of the film, and when this song plays, you actually get emotional. It’s a huge moment and there’s great catharsis in this. THIS is exactly what the category is meant to be at its core.

Which means they’ll ignore this and nominate some other bullshit.

4.5 stars.

56. “Lost Souls,” from The Pirates of Somalia

Can’t find this. 90% sure it doesn’t matter and will never be nominated.

57. “How A Heart Unbreaks,” from Pitch Perfect 3

3 stars.

Song’s fine, but it won’t happen. Also, not a cappella? Did they bail on the whole thing last minute? Either that or they’re really good at making the same sounds as guitars, basses and drums.

58. “The Promise,” from The Promise

Well this poses and interesting situation.

For those pushing this as a major contender for a nomination, you have to realize — the branch doesn’t give a fuck about Chris Cornell. Who is he to them? They don’t care that he died. It’s not like he’s been nominated a bunch before this. You have to think it’s a possibility, but let’s not buy into all the bullshit the mainstream sites are gonna push. I guarantee you when they discuss all these eligible songs, they’re gonna lead with who sings them, as if that matters at all to the branch when they pick stuff. You’re looking at a branch that’s routinely left off great songs by rock stars because it’s not their thing.

4 stars.

Love him, like the song. Can’t really see them doing this, but you have to consider it.

59. “Kaadanayum Kaalchilambe,” from Pulimurugan

Let’s just take care of both of these (this one and the next one) — I don’t know Bollywood, I don’t get Bollywood, and I’m not gonna pretend I do.

These never get nominated.

60. “Maanathe Maarikurumbe,” from Pulimurugan

See above.

61. “Stubborn Angel,” from Same Kind of Different as Me

2 stars.


Country and religious. Ughh….

62. “Dancing Through The Wreckage,” from Served Like a Girl

Pat Benatar!

So many cool people have songs submitted each year, and we never know about it.

3 stars.

It’s nice. They never seem to go for stuff like this, though.

63. “Keep Your Eyes On Me,” from The Shack


Look, no one said this didn’t have to be fun.

2.5 stars.

This song isn’t for me, and not really for them, either.

64. “On The Music Goes,” from Slipaway

You can find a preview of this on Amazon or iTunes.

It’s fine.

3 stars.

Will never get nominated.

Sounds like the end credits of every movie I saw in a theater in the 90s.

65. “The Star,” from The Star

Please no.

Please don’t do this.

Though, you know what… if they do do this, then she’d probably perform this at the Oscars. And… live… the potential snafus that could bring…

All right, I can be made okay with this as a potential nominee.

3 stars.

Not a huge fan of the song, and I guess you have to consider it, but does it sound like anything they’d really consider? Sounds pretty generic. It’s no “When You Believe,” is all I’m saying.

66. “Jump,” from Step

What if this were just the Van Halen song?

“Might as well Jump (Jump!)”

All of these are bad songs to play in front of people standing on ledges.

2.5 stars.

Can’t see them going with this.

67. “Tickling Giants,” from Tickling Giants

I’m guessing this is the right song?

3 stars.

It’s different. I’ll say that.

Remember when Three Six Mafia won an Oscar?

68. “Fly Away,” from Trafficked

On Spotify.

Nice little song. Didn’t change my life. I’m sure this sounds nice at the end of a movie about sex trafficking.

3 stars.

69. “Speak To Me,” from Voice from the Stone

The chick from Evanescence sang this.

Remember when they were big for like a year?

Remember when they had two songs in the movie Daredevil?

That worked out well for everybody.

3.5 stars.

She has a nice voice. But I have no idea what purpose this song serves for this movie that no one saw, whose only relevance for the future (I’m sad to say) is people finding it on stuff like Mr. Skin because Emilia Clarke has a sex scene in it.

70. “Walk On Faith,” from Year by the Sea

Spare me this religious nonsense.

2 stars.

– – – – – – – – – –

Hoo boy. This should be fun.

Let’s see if I can get to 20/25 of songs I feel have even a remote shot at this…

Okay. Whew. I got to 20. Barely. And even then, I know I put a couple of non-contenders in there.

A year like this means the category is either gonna be the easiest thing in the world, or just impossible, because some random stuff will get on that you just can’t figure on.

Taking the 20 that I have, here’s how I see them, in terms of contenders (AT THE MOMENT):

20. “Captain Underpants Theme Song,” from Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie

Let’s face it — this has no shot. But I have no clue which random documentary song or whatever is gonna be the contender that jumps up and gets nominated, and the idea of Academy Award nominee Weird Al Yankovic tickles me, so here we are.

19. “If I Dare,” from Battle of the Sexes

Theoretically this has a shot, being from a film marginally in the Oscar race and by a previous nominee (Nicholas Britell, who did Moonlight) and Sara Bareilles, who at least had a Tony nomination and a big hit play. So maybe that’s something? I don’t know, I’m stretching. I can’t see them going here.

18. “The Promise,” from The Promise

People will pretend like Chris Cornell doing this has something to do with its chances, but let’s be honest — you have a $100 million bomb with movie stars. This is not the kind of thing the branch tends to go for.

17. “The Star,” from The Star

Don’t let the Globe nomination fool you — the Globes are shit when it comes to the Original Song category. In the past decade, the most they’ve gotten correct is three, and that was last year, because two of them were La La Land songs and the biggest gimmes you’ve ever seen. They have a chance at three again this year, but I promise you, it won’t be because of this.

16. “Tell Me How Long,” from Chasing Coral

They sometimes go for documentary songs. That’s why this is here. Otherwise, I don’t see it happening. The documentary songs in past years were by the same guy. Don’t see this one happening.

15. “How Does A Moment Last Forever,” from Beauty and the Beast

It’s the lesser of two nominees from a high profile film. They could go here, but I think it’s more likely to be the other song, which actually does feature in the film. Tends to be a better idea to go with the musical song that’s actually part of the musical rather than the song you wrote that goes over the end credits.

14. “Tuff Love (Finale),” from Patti Cake$

13. “PBNJ,” from Patti Cake$

These two songs fit the category better than most of the remaining choices. But these are gonna be considered too lightweight for them. I already know. Between the two, PBNJ is the ‘single’ of the film and the more likely nominee, even if Tuff Love is the more thematically relevant and stronger of the two songs.

I can’t see them going with either in the end, but I’d be thrilled to see one or both of these get on.

12. “Prayers For This World,” from Cries from Syria

Diane Warren wrote it, Cher sings it. It’s in the running. Not sure I see this happening, but I’m not gonna rule it out.

11. “Visions Of Gideon,” from Call Me by Your Name

It’s the second of two songs from the film. Doubt they go both, and if I’m picking between them, I’m going for the one they used in the trailer that people remember. Still not sure if they go either, but if they’re gonna go one, it’s not this one.

10. “It Ain’t Fair,” from Detroit

It’s a good song, but it’s long. And the movie seems to not have landed with people. Maybe because it came out so early. I wonder if this can rally. But now, it feels like a bit of an afterthought.

9. “Truth To Power,” from An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

The last one won this category, and T-Bone Burnett co-wrote it. It’s possible. Not sure I guess it, but it’s possible.

8. “Evermore,” from Beauty and the Beast

Alan Menken and Tim Rice. Gotta respect that. I don’t know if they go here. It’s definitely a contender and would not surprise me in the least if they nominate it, but I don’t know if they care about this movie. We’ll see.

7. “Never Forget,” from Murder on the Orient Express

Great song, movie’s gonna get a handful of nominations. It doesn’t feel like they will, but I can see it happening. Definitely in that conversation.

6. “Stand Up For Something,” from Marshall

Diane Warren wrote it. Film’s generally in the Oscar conversation. It’s up there. Not sure it makes the list, but it’s definitely something you gotta consider.

5. “You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way,” from Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

J. Ralph and Elvis Costello, classy song — this is definitely in the top five or six contenders.

4. “Mighty River,” from Mudbound

They have a long history of leaving songs like this off, but it’s gotta be considered one of the frontrunners until the very end.

3. “Mystery Of Love,” from Call Me by Your Name

This is gonna get like 7 nominations. This for sure feels like one of them. Again, not a lock, but as far as what we’ve got, I feel safer going with this than I do most other ones.

2. “Remember Me,” from Coco

It’s not a lock, but it’s one of the closest things we have. It’s a Pixar musical, and the guy from Book of Mormon, who already won for Frozen in this category, wrote this. Feels like a contender I’m not gonna leave off my list, even if I’m not 100% sold it’s a guaranteed nominee.

1. “This Is Me,” from The Greatest Showman

This is the closest thing to a lock that we have. Why would you not guess this to be on?

– – – – – – – – – –

Also, just because we can never get out of here without mixing the subjective with the objective, here’s what I’d nominate if I were picking a category:

“Mystery Of Love,” from Call Me by Your Name

“You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way,” from Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

“This Is Me,” from The Greatest Showman

“Never Forget,” from Murder on the Orient Express

“Tuff Love (Finale),” from Patti Cake$

I could have swapped either “Mystery or Love” or “Never Forget” for “PBNJ,” but I figured I’d spread the wealth. I like all of them. But just for the sake of variation, these are the five for me at the moment.

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  1. Such a shame that the music branch disqualified “I Get Overwhelmed” from A Ghost Story (still my favorite film song of 2017) and that Hasbro (or whomever) didn’t submit the My Little Pony movie for Oscar consideration. (I don’t care for the film at all, but Taye Diggs KILLED that “I’m the Friend You Need” song and it’s the only song worth remembering from that film.)

    Man does this year sucks for original film songs and it sucks even more that the music branch likely won’t even pick out the songs fortunate enough to be the best in a weak year. Ugh…

    My Nominees for Best Original Song 2017:
    — “Mystery of Love” (Call Me by Your Name)
    — “PBNJ” (Patti Cake$)
    — “Remember Me” (Coco)
    — “This Is Me” (The Greatest Showman)
    — “Tuff Love (Finale)” (Patti Cake$)

    December 21, 2017 at 3:44 pm

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