Oscars 2017: ACE Eddie Nominations

Our second guild today is the American Cinema Editors. I love seeing which way they go, though the problem here is — the Academy is just gonna nominate whatever the hell they want for Best Editing, because the major Best Picture contenders have to be nominated for Best Editing (for whatever reason). So, unless they don’t really intend to vote for Call My By Your Name, it’s gonna be nominated for Best Editing, regardless of whether or not it appears on the ACE list. (I haven’t seen anything yet, by the way. We’re all gonna find this out together.)

They announce Dramatic and Comedic categories, which also doesn’t particularly help us, but does expand to more possibilities for them to eventually be right in the end. Isn’t that nice?

Here are your 2017 Eddie nominees:

Best Edited Feature Film (Dramatic)

Blade Runner 2049


Molly’s Game

The Post

The Shape of Water

Makes sense. I’ll reserve judgment until I see where they go on Comedy, since some of the contenders can be considered comedic.

Best Edited Feature Film (Comedic)

Baby Driver

Get Out

I, Tonya

Lady Bird

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Yeah, there we go.

Okay, so of these…

The Shape of Water, The Post, Three Billboards, Lady Bird, Dunkirk — those all factor into your Best Picture list.

Get Out should be nominated for Best Picture, but an Editing nomination would be pretty strong, even for the Academy. I’m not 100% sold it gets that just yet.

Dunkirk seems like the biggest lock of all, and should out and out win the category.

Call Me By Your Name should eventually get the Oscar nomination regardless, especially if it’s as big a contender as people are saying.

Baby Driver is a wild card, and could sneak in an Editing nomination simply because it’s an editing showcase above most other things. But that squeezes out another potential Best Picture contender, so that’ll be interesting to see.

Blade Runner — doubt it, even though Villeneuve has impeccably edited films. Molly’s Game, highly doubt it, even though I get why the guild went there. I, Tonya seems very unlikely unless that’s gonna get way more nominations than I anticipate.

What else is there? Darkest Hour never felt like that big a contender to get an Editing nomination. Star Wars — if The The Force Awakens got it, but I can’t see this one getting it too. Detroit seems like an afterthought all throughout the race. Even if Phantom Thread gets a Best Picture nomination, it shouldn’t get Editing unless it’s gonna make a real play for the whole thing (which feels impossible right now). The Florida Project will for sure be an empty nominee (Picture, no editing), if it gets nominated at all.

I think right now you’re looking at: Dunkirk, The Post, Call Me By Your Name, The Shape of Water, and either Lady Bird or Get Out, or even Baby Driver, depending. Unless one of those straight up gets ignored for Best Picture, that should be the list. Something tells me they don’t love Three Billboards enough to give it Editing, so I feel safe leaving that off. Lady Bird is an interesting case study. I’ll wait to see if the DGA (which is not the biggest bastion of championing women) goes for Greta Gerwig. If that happens, then I’ll look to Best Editing too.

But that’s what I got for now.

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2 responses

  1. I, Tonya has been pretty consistently championed for its editing, so I wouldn’t rule it out at all.

    January 4, 2018 at 11:44 am

  2. lacourseauxetoiles

    I strongly disagree with your predictions here and I think you are holding way too fast to the rule that Best Picture contenders get editing nominations. Blade Runner 2049 is probably going to be nominated. It got nominated here, it got nominated at the Critics Choice Awards, it did well at the critics awards, and right now Gold Derby is predicting that it will be nominated. Baby Driver dominated at the critics awards and is much more of a contender than you seem to think. And why would Call Me By Your Name be nominated? It’s been doing terribly throughout the awards season (it missed here, it wasn’t nominated for Best Director or Best Adapted Screenplay at the Golden Globes, and neither Armie Hammer nor Michael Stuhlbarg were nominated at the SAG awards). It’s barely even a contender to win Best Picture anymore IMO.

    January 5, 2018 at 1:58 am

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