Oscars 2017: PGA Nominations

The PGA Award nominees were announced this morning. Cue all the people writing clickbait articles saying, “Can Wonder Woman get a Best Picture nomination?” I’m just guessing. I have no idea if the PGA nominated Wonder Woman, but knowing them, I can basically guarantee that they did.

So, in a minute, when I see what they nominated, just know that I’ve already said, “No, Wonder Woman will not be nominated for Best Picture.” When BAFTA nominates it for Best Picture, then let’s talk. Until then, come on, guys. Do you know who the Academy is?

Anyway, here are your PGA nominees:

The Big Sick

Call Me By Your Name


Get Out

I, Tonya

Lady Bird

Molly’s Game

The Post

The Shape of Water

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Wonder Woman


Where to begin here?

I guess the only proper way to begin is narcissistically. Which is to say — that’s 6/10 my top ten list, and my #11 and #12. So I don’t disagree.

Also — 11 nominees. First time that’s ever happened. I wonder what the bottom two were that tied.

You knew Wonder Woman, Get Out and Call Me By Your Name would all get on the PGA list. They always do the one mainstream entry, and Wonder Woman for sure was gonna be that one for this year.

The Post, Shape of Water, Lady Bird — all seemed like easy inclusions.

Three Billboards seemed likely based on all the buzz it’s gotten. Dunkirk seemed almost a lock because of everything about it.

The Big Sick — this was a big test for it, and it passed. Whether that means it can go forward, I don’t know. It’s still a dicey proposition for Best Picture, though it has rebounded nicely after the string of early exclusions.

I, Tonya — didn’t quite see that coming, but it does make some sense. Whether that can rally for the big one, I don’t know. This helps.

Molly’s Game, to me, is the big surprise. I just didn’t think they’d spark to that. I still am not sure the Academy at large sparks to it.

The two notable exclusions here for me are The Florida Project and Darkest Hour. You’d think Darkest Hour is a lock for this type of thing, but maybe it’s the BAFTA love that pushes it over the top.

Phantom Thread feels like a long shot without major BAFTA love, Mudbound seems like they don’t respect it as a Netflix release, All the Money in the World never caught traction and seems destined to maybe just get Plummer and nothing else (if that), and Detroit and Battle of the Sexes never went anywhere.

Right now, take off Wonder Woman and Molly’s Game, and those 9 seem like your biggest contenders. No idea how many nominees we get, but I imagine if it’s 8, those 8 are on that list. But let’s see what BAFTA does next week.

– – – – –

I would also like to mention that the PGA also nominated The Boss Baby for its animated award.

So PGA Nominee The Boss Baby.

– – – – – – – – – –


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