Oscars 2017: ASC Nominations

The American Society of Cinematographers announced their nominees this year. Not a whole lot to say in the way of prologue — this is the big Cinematography precursor. This, BFCA and BAFTA are all we’re gonna get to figure it out. And this year, you’re basically guaranteed to get two of the nominees right. So really, I think you can probably cobble four, no-problem, and then be reasonably sure about the fifth.

Your 2017 ASC nominees are:

Blade Runner 2049

Darkest Hour



The Shape of Water

BFCA nominated Call Me By Your Name instead of Darkest Hour and BAFTA nominated Three Billboards instead of Mudbound.

So really, what this tells me is — Blade Runner and Dunkirk are locked. Shape of Water seems pretty locked. Darkest Hour seems 80% of the way there, and if Mudbound isn’t your fifth nominee, then you’re looking at Call Me By Your Name or something else that you can probably figure out fairly easily. Phantom Thread normally would be the choice, but since there’s no credited cinematography, it doesn’t really count, seemingly. The Post doesn’t seem to be there, since Bridge of Spies couldn’t make it on despite actual precursor nominations. I mean, yeah… no… pretty much six movies five spots. Mudbound seems more likely over Call Me By Your Name, but those two seem to be the ones. I think you’re gonna get 4/5 on here if you’re guessing almost whichever way you go.

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