Oscars 2018: ASC Nominations

We’ll go to ASC next, because it’s one category and only five nominees. And also because I love cinematography.

Here are your 2018 American Society of Cinematographers nominees:

Best Cinematography

Cold War

The Favourite

First Man


A Star Is Born

Alrighty, then.

I don’t really have anything to base this on. I haven’t delved deep into tech categories (or anything, really). But I mean, yeah. Roma and Cold War seem obvious. First Man makes a lot of sense (I wonder if that movie will end up with six nominations, none of them major. Editing, Cinematography, Score, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, possibly Visual Effects. That’s six, and that’s before potential Supporting Actress, Actor, Picture or Director opportunities). A Star Is Born… I’m glad they recognized it. Not sure if it makes the final list, but at this point, why not. And The Favourite… they must have liked all the fish eyes. That’s another one, if it snags Cinematography and/or Editing could be on its way to 8 or so nominations. (Picture, Screenplay, three acting, that’s five right there. And that’s before a possible Director nomination. And you know it’s a shoo-in for Production Design and Costumes. That’s basically seven before you start figuring out all the little odds and ends.)

Beale Street seems unfairly overlooked in this one. And someone nominated Black Panther for cinematography. I’m guessing it was BFCA. I’m glad the guild didn’t go there. Definitely not a great looking movie.

BAFTA’s gonna be a big one for this, since usually the guild and BAFTA are the two you look at.

This one seems like a fairly cut and dry year. These five plus maybe Beale Street as the final category. Five from six certainly would make my (guessing) life easier.

Also of note, Picture, Director, Cinematography and Screenplay, Alfonso Cuaron could be nominated in four separate categories this year.

Either ADG or WGA will be next. It’s honestly whichever article I click on first. Feel the anticipation.

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One response

  1. “Also of note, Picture, Director, Cinematography and Screenplay, Alfonso Cuarón could be nominated in four separate categories this year.”

    Five, if you include Film Editing.

    Still one short of Walt Disney’s record of six at the 26th Oscars, which is kind of unfair considering most of his nominations should’ve been shared with some directors.

    January 7, 2019 at 3:46 pm

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