Oscars 2018: WGA Nominations

Okay, our final shortlist for today — the Writers Guild.

These nominations always have to be taken with a grain of salt just because there are always ineligible scripts each year. I think because people aren’t actually guild members. The ones that I know for sure that weren’t eligible this year were: The Favourite, Hereditary, Sorry to Bother You, Death of Stalin, Incredibles 2, The Sisters Brothers and Leave No Trace.

Most of those really stood no shot at the final list, but The Favourite almost certainly will, so it not being nominated here means nothing for its ultimate chances in the end.

That said, here are your WGA nominees for 2018:

Original Screenplay

Eighth Grade

Green Book

A Quiet Place



The question is which got on in The Favourite’s spot: Eighth Grade or Quiet Place?

Doesn’t really matter. Good for them for getting nominated.

Add The Favourite and that’s probably your only real set of contenders. First Reformed has basically dropped out of the race altogether. But those seven were your BFCA nominees. So once BAFTA gives you a variation of all that plus the one British film they liked enough, we should be basically locked on that front.

Adapted Screenplay


Black Panther

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

If Beale Street Could Talk

A Star Is Born

First Man got BFCA, but otherwise, those all seem like the ones that have made it throughout.

For my money, The Front Runner should be here. Damn shame that movie never took off. Theoretically Widows should also be here too. That’s another one that for some reason never went anywhere.

Honestly, these five look like they’re gonna be your category. Crazy Rich Asians, maybe? But even that seems doubtful.

Unless BAFTA gives me something else they really like (namely First Man), I’m thinking this is how the category ends up looking.

– – – – – – – – –


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