Oscars 2018: DGA Nominations

And your DGA nominations were announced today. Typically they match 4/5 with the Oscars, so one of these people most likely will not end up being nominated. The last time they went 5/5 was 2009. And before that, 2005. And before that, 1998. So three times in twenty years.

Oh, and because I’m nuts — it only happened two times before that: 1981 and 1977. So five times ever. Well… since the DGA went to five nominees in 1970. Before that, the DGA had ten to fifteen nominees a year, which made it way easier to have all five be nominated. And you know what? It still only happened three times in those years: 1953 (12 DGA nominees), 1954 (15 DGA nominees) and 1967 (10 DGA nominees).

So yeah, 5 times in almost 50 years. Odds are, one of these people will not be nominated at the Oscars, and I think we all know who it’s gonna be.

Here are your DGA nominees for 2018:

Best Director

Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born

Alfonso Cuaron, Roma

Peter Farrelly, Green Book

Spike Lee, BlacKkKlansman

Adam McKay, Vice

Also, Best First Time Director nominations went to Cooper, Bo Burnham for Eighth Grade, Carlos Lopez Estrada for Blindspotting, Matthew Heineman for A Private War and Boots Riley for Sorry to Bother You.

Figured I’d get that out of the way before we get into the actual important shit. Cool that Estrada and Boots were nominated there.

This morning when I saw DGA was announcing, these were the only five names I could come up with that made sense. The only other person I looked at was Yorgos, because The Favourite looks like it’s a big contender. After that, we’re grasping at who else could make it. Chazelle and Jenkins have to be mentioned, but Beale Street has not caught on anywhere and for sure needs BAFTA to get in. Chazelle could get on maybe without BAFTA, but even that would be a bit of a tall order. But I could see that happening. Someone like Eastwood doesn’t seem to be coming on, so that would shock us all if it happened. Coogler is a dark horse just in case they decide to go there. Seems unlikely for the directors branch, but I’m not ruling anything out in a year like this. Hey, for all we know, these could be the five. Vice got PGA. They seem to like it.

My gut tells me right now that we have Cooper, Cuaron, Farrelly, Spike and one more.

That last spot should be either McKay, Chazelle or Yorgos. Everything else seems like a mix of surprise and shock. Mary Poppins has no traction, so Rob Marshall would shock me. Jenkins would be a surprise. A pleasant one, but a surprise. Coogler would be a shocker. Julian Schnabel would come out of nowhere.

Honestly, these could be the five. Let’s see what BAFTA has to say. There don’t seem to be any films hanging around the conversation that could sneak on a Director nomination, a la Bennett Miller. They’re not gonna nominate Bryan Singer (are they?). Quiet Place would surprise on Best Picture, let alone Director. Crazy Rich Asians shouldn’t get anything. I think we’re just about set on this one.

My gut says the fifth spot is either McKay, Yorgos or Chazelle. But again, let’s wait for BAFTA.

– – – – – – – – – –


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