Oscars 2018: Annie Awards

The Annie Awards were announced tonight.

Rather than run through like fifteen categories you don’t care about, I’ll boil it down really easily: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won everything. And by everything I mean… a lot. It won Best Animated Feature, Directing, Writing, Character Animation, Character Design, Production Design and Editorial. It did not lose a single category in which it was eligible.

Incredibles 2 won two awards, for Music (because Giacchino) and Storyboarding. Ralph Breaks the Internet won for Animated Effects, Mirai won for Best Animated Independent Feature and Isle of Dogs won for Voice Acting (Bryan Cranston). So each of the nominees won something. And Mary Poppins Returns took Character Animation in Live-Action (rightfully so) and Weekends won for Best Animated Short, which I guess is worth noting because it is nominated.

None of this is particularly meaningful, since we all knew Spider-Verse was probably winning the category. I think at this point when people see that it won everything, that’s when it starts to get those stray votes from the ones who don’t really know anything about the category and don’t watch animated movies because “they’re for kids.” Seems pretty locked at this point, even if I’m not gonna fully accept that Incredibles 2 isn’t a contender until it loses (because I don’t trust these old white people).

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7 responses

  1. I will gladly applaud those old white people if they somehow cause Incredibles 2 (or better yet, Isle of Dogs or Mirai) to upset Spider-Verse.

    February 2, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    • What is your issue with Spiderverse? It is the deserved winner.

      February 3, 2019 at 4:19 am

      • I thoroughly disagree. Not a fan of its script despite pretty cool visuals and, like B+, I can step back and see that everyone’s falling over themselves trying to praise it like almost every superhero film that comes out.

        February 3, 2019 at 5:08 am

      • Oh…you wear a “I hate Superhero movie glasses”.

        Maybe look past that and you will recognize that Into the Spiderverse is a technical achievement which might finally bring some creativity into CGI animation (and that is truly overdue). The story itself might be a little bit run-of-the-mill, but the way it is told is pretty clever.

        At the end of the day, the academy is not just about rewarding the best movie of the year, they look for the most impactful. And there is no doubt that Into the Spider-verse will impact future CGI animation. The other movies won’t impact anything, because they don’t do anything other animated movies haven’t done before.

        I could get your anger if Into the Spider-verse didn’t exist and The Incredibles were the default winner. But it does and it deserves the praise. Or are you claiming that the animators got it wrong when they gave it all those prices? They are the experts after all.

        February 3, 2019 at 7:15 am

      • Seriously, I’m at that point where I GAG and immediately go “F**k that movie” (like B+ with Ralph Breaks the Internet) every time someone suggests that Spider-Verse deserves recognition in Best PICTURE. Over Isle of Dogs and The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl—two of the most beautifully composed animated films of the decade (love them a bit more than you, B+). Get the f**k out of here. >_<

        February 3, 2019 at 5:15 am

      • I’m not denying the grandeur of Spider-Verse’s animation at all, and, unlike a surprising some, I quite loved Homecoming and continue to regard the scene from Peter walking up to his prom date’s front door to him staggering into his school auditorium as not just one of the 10 best moments of cinema in 2017, but in superhero cinema in general.

        I wear “I take superhero movies with a grain of salt” glasses, because they tend to be the ground zero of successful yet risk-averse unoriginality in Hollywood. (Save your weeping for the heroes Disney-Marvel chooses to not resurrect, Infinity War fans.) I’m also a film buff who’s inclined to view a hugely disappointing script (and thus compromised emotion) as outright cancelling out any technical merits. (I don’t mind the vice-versa nearly as much.)

        No, I award what I simply liked the best, not what I think will impact the future the most. I can know deep down and with the benefit of re-watches the former, whereas I can always be sorely wrong about the latter.

        As much as I respect and admire animators, I seriously question their assessment of 2018 when neither of director Masaaki Yuasa’s films—Lu Over the Wall and ESPECIALLY The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl—get mentioned. I love Mamoru Hosoda’s Mirai and all, but I don’t deny for one second that it’s only getting the recognition because GKIDS compromised to support it the most, with little else to devote to their other films (including Yuasa’s two offerings). Despite a few improvements, the Annies remain compromised ever since How to Train Your Dragon vs. Toy Story 3.

        The Academy seriously needs to revert to having ONLY Short Films & Feature Animation branch members nominate for Best Animated Feature. If so, then maybe Yuasa could’ve gotten in instead of filler nominee Ralph Breaks the Internet (whose inclusion at the top of B+’s 2018 Unforgiables list was BOLD yet warranted). If that had happened, then I wouldn’t mind Spider-Verse going all the way. (Like B+, unless it’s a J.K. Simmons in Supporting Actor scenario, I care more about the nominees than the winners at this point.)

        Ultimately, I’m rooting for the old white guys of the Academy to tip the scales in favor of Incredibles 2. I2 has disappointed since its release, but at least I still love the characters on top of the crisp visuals despite the story being a pale appendix to the 1st film. I wholeheartedly welcome its now-improbable upset, much more upsets by Mirai and particularly Isle of Dogs.

        February 3, 2019 at 6:54 pm

      • The Annies has only animation people voting, and Into the Spiderverse swept the categories it was nominated for there. So I doubt that would make a difference.

        February 3, 2019 at 11:57 pm

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