Oscars 2019: CDG Nominations

Our second guild of the day, the Costume Designers. Frills, frills and more frills. If there’s one thing I know about them, Downton Abbey got on, Quentin got on and Tim Burton got on. The rest we’re just gonna wait and see. They’re nothing if not predictable. Honestly, just look up Sandy Powell and Colleen Atwood and assume that they’re on no matter what they worked on, and possibly even more than once. It’s the guild, man. They vote for their favorites. Don’t pretend like Roger Deakins doesn’t have like, 17 ASC nominations (okay, 15. And he has 14 Oscar nominations, so it wasn’t the best comparison. Leave me alone, I’m rambling. Just go with it. Sometimes you gotta fill an intro and you’ve got nothing because it’s costumes).

CDG has three categories, same as ADG: Period, Fantasy and Contemporary. You’re only looking at the first two for the category, but this year, it should be pretty obvious what the major contenders are. The same films should get nominated up and down the line, and we’re just whittling it out based on most versus least nominations.

As a reminder, BFCA nominated Dolemite, Downton, Irishman, Little Women, Once Upon a Time and Rocketman for their costumes award. So let’s see what CDG did.

Here are your Costume Designers Guild nominees for 2019:


Dolemite Is My Name
Downton Abbey
Jojo Rabbit
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

There’s Downton, there’s Once Upon a Time. There’s Rocketman. No Irishman. Not that interesting, since it’s all just suits and coats and shit. So I get it. Dolemite is interesting. I wanna see if BAFTA goes there too. That might actually make it on, though my gut says probably not in the end. Jojo is a spirited choice by them. Not sure the Academy ends up going there, but we’ll see how it fares with BAFTA before I make any judgments.

Those first three look like solid locks for a nomination. BAFTA will for sure have Rocketman and Downton on their list. Quentin shouldn’t need it but will probably even get it.

I haven’t really looked up and down to see what else could have gotten on here, so I’m just gonna take this all at face value and go by BFCA’s list. We’ll see what else there is later on by the time we get into nominations time. For now, sure. 3/5, maybe 4/5. That seems about normal.


Avengers: Endgame
Captain Marvel
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Wow. No Tim Burton. Good for them!

Aladdin makes sense, Avengers was a gimme, Captain Marvel, sure, Maleficent was a gimme (and might even get nominated, knowing them. First one got nominated) and Star Wars was a gimme too. No Star Wars movie since the first one got nominated for Costumes, so I’m not holding out hope for that one.

My guess is maybe one Fantasy nominee at best, but we’ve got a lot of period stuff this year, so I don’t know if we’ll even get that. Marvel’s only made it on Costumes once, for Black Panther, but Disney has gotten stuff on. Though typically it’s the ‘princess’ stuff — Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast. Not sure if Maleficent 2 fits what they usually vote for, but I’m not ruling it out completely (because you can’t. Snow White and the Hunstman got nominated).

Let’s see what BAFTA does. It’s looking like a purely Period kind of year, though.


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Knives Out
The Laundromat
Queen & Slim

No Joker in any of the three, I just realized. That makes me happy.

These are all fine nominees. Contemporary never makes it on, though. La La Land is the only one, and that was half-musical/fantasy at times. So I get it. Past that, the last Contemporary nominee for Costumes was 1994, Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Which was about drag queens. So yeah, don’t expect much out of this category.

– – – – –

Anyway, that’s CDG. We’ve gotta wait a month on BAFTA, but typically you get most of what you need here and then BAFTA shores it all up. Though Costumes is the kind of category where you could just look broadly and go, “That feels like something they’d vote for,” and have a decent chance at it potentially coming in. This is one of those categories where I assume 2 of the nominees won’t go the way I expect.

– – – – – – – – – –


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