Oscars 2019: Best Makeup & Hairstyling Shortlist

Let’s do Makeup & Hairstyling next. Because I’m thinking I wanna end the night on some easy ones and save all the shorts for tomorrow when I can properly do my homework on all of them and be prepared.

The new development with this category is that there are not ten films on the shortlist instead of eight and the category will be five films instead of three. So that’s new. Guessing they announced that during the months I don’t really pay attention to Oscar stuff. But hey, this category is coming to play with the big boys.

Wonder what that means for guessing a category and the winner, since now it’s allowing for broader stuff to get on that might not necessarily be as good a fit but could get votes because of broader support. But whatever. That’s what we have.

Here’s your shortlist for Best Makeup & Hairstyling:

Dolemite Is My Name
Downton Abbey
Little Women
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Once upon a Time in Hollywood

Just to quickly cross list this with the Makeup & Hairstylists Guild nominations:

  • Bombshell — Contemporary Makeup & Hair nominations
  • Dolemite — Period Makeup & Hair nominations
  • Downton — Period Makeup & Hair nominations
  • Joker — Period/Character Makeup and Contemporary Hair nominations
  • Little Women — NOT NOMINATED
  • Maleficent — Period Hair nomination
  • 1917 — NOT NOMINATED
  • Once Upon a Time — Period Makeup & Hair nominations
  • Rocketman — Period Makeup & Hair nominations

So there you have it. Most of these got on both categories, and the shortlist includes Judy, Little Women and 1917.

BFCA, meanwhile, nominated Bombshell, Dolemite, Joker, Judy, Once Upon a Time and Rocketman.

We’re waiting on BAFTA.

But assuming they don’t go with anything too insane, I’m thinking you’re probably looking at something like this as a final category:

Downton Abbey
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Alternate: Dolemite Is My Name

Dark Horse: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Surprise: Judy, Little Women

Shocker: 1917

That’s just a wild guess. BAFTA will help us out a bit, seeing what they nominate. But you know Downton, Once Upon a Time and Rocketman will get on there. Bombshell is a very American movie, but if it gets on BAFTA, I’d expect to see it nominated. And Joker feels like something that will get on because of the extra spots. You can’t obviously rule out anything else and things will change, but my gut tells me this feels like where we’re headed, based on nothing. So we’ll see where we’re at once BAFTA announces next month.

Six more shortlists left.

– – – – – – – – – – –


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