Oscars 2019: ASC Nominations

The American Society of Cinematographers announced their nominees today. With them as the guild, we’ll get BAFTA nominees soon and we have BFCA nominees already. Between the three, we’ll figure out the category.

As a reminder, BFCA nominated 1917, Ford v Ferrari, The Irishman, Joker, The Lighthouse and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Which will be important in a second, because here are the ASC nominees:

Best Cinematography


Ford v Ferrari

The Irishman


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Also, they gave out Spotlight Awards to The Lighthouse, Honey Boy and Monos.

So basically your BFCA list is entirely here. All six of them, in some way.

BAFTA, I’d expect, will nominate Deakins, they’ll nominate Richardson, I suspect Irishman will get on unless they despised it. Ford v Ferrari also feels pretty solid. No idea what they’re gonna think of Joker or Lighthouse, and BAFTA typically will go one off, putting in a more British nominee, either DP or British film. Like The Aeronauts or something like that. But maybe not this year. Maybe 1917 will fill that void for them. We’ll see.

I’m slightly surprised Little Women hasn’t gotten any recognition for its cinematography. A Hidden Life also seems to not have gotten anything. Everything else I thought was good I wasn’t really expecting to see anywhere.

At this point, unless BAFTA throws us a major curve, or they nominate Parasite with no precursors, kind of like Never Look Away last year (though that was Caleb Deschanel, who is a heavyweight within the guild), I’d suspect this category to basically be five from six. Maybe Lighthouse gets on, maybe it doesn’t, and four of the other five should for sure make it.

Typically for them, you’re looking at flashy-looking films, big Best Picture movies, and old hands within the job. So Deakins and Richardson for sure. Prieto’s been nominated twice, for Brokeback Mountain and Silence. It’ll be interesting to see how they respond to that one. Phedon Papamichael’s been nominated before, for Nebraska, and Ford v Ferrari is a flashy kinda movie, so he seems like a solid choice. Lawrence Cher hasn’t been nominated before, so it’ll be interesting to see if they go there. Seems like they will, but who knows yet. And Jarin Blaschke would be a first-timer, but The Lighthouse is stark black and white, and they love that shit. Though the film might be too weird for them.

I’m thinking the most likely is what happened here, with these five and then The Lighthouse as an honorable mention. But we’ll see what BAFTA does on Tuesday.

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