Oscars 2019: WGA Nominations

Okay, WGA nominations are out. This will help with the Screenplay categories.

Though I should mention – a lot of stuff isn’t eligible here, so when you don’t see certain films on the list, it’s not because they didn’t vote for them. It’s because the scripts are ineligible, most likely because the writer isn’t a member of the guild. Quentin is famously not in the guild, so he’s won like two Screenplay awards without ever being nominated at the guild.

Here’s a quick list of stuff that was ineligible here: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Pain and Glory, The Farewell, The Peanut Butter Falcon, The Last Black Man in San Francisco, Waves, Midsommar, Judy, Downton Abbey, Toy Story 4.

Also note that both The Two Popes and Hustlers were deemed Original by the WGA and are competing for Adapted at the Oscars. Though looking at these lists we’re about to see… maybe that’s not the right call.

Here are your WGA nominees for 2019:

Best Original Screenplay



Knives Out

Marriage Story


In the absence of Quentin, I’m not surprised. Booksmart is the quintessential WGA nominee that won’t make the Oscar list. Like Eighth Grade last year. It’s in because of ineligibles.

Somewhat surprised 1917 got in. Usually they don’t care about war scripts. And no Ford v Ferrari. That’s of note. I tried to see if that’s going Adapted, but I found no reason to think it is.

But looking at this – Quentin’s on, Knives Out is on, Marriage Story is on, Parasite is on. Then your final spot is either The Farewell, 1917 or Ford v Ferrari. That seems pretty straightforward and doable.

Let’s see what BAFTA does tomorrow. A 1917 nomination there could push that to favorite status.

I also wanna see how they respond to Marriage Story. Kinda thinking they might not care as much outside of acting nominations. But we’ll see.

I also just wanna say, for people who think that movie is hyper realistic and an accurate portrayal of divorce – A Separation exists.

Best Adapted Screenplay

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The Irishman

Jojo Rabbit


Little Women

That tracks. That’s the exact BFCA Adapted category, which also had Two Popes, which was deemed Original here. So honestly, it’s those six.

Can’t imagine Irishman doesn’t get nominated. Can’t imagine they ignore Greta, but they could. Jojo feels likely. Joker seems like it’s gonna get on. And Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood feels like the most vulnerable. But honestly, when there’s only six choices, you can feel comfortable about things. Because you know, barring a surprise, you’re gonna get 4/5.

Let’s see what BAFTA does tomorrow. I’m expecting Irishman, Jojo, Two Popes, Little Women and one more. Could be one of the other two, could be something else. But given everything I’ve seen to this point, this looks like one of those very straightforward screenplay categories where it’s simply gonna come down to which five get the votes and what the sixth one is that gets left out.

– – – – –

So cool. That’s the WGA. That was easy.

VES should be coming soon, and then I’ll be back tomorrow with BAFTA.

– – – – – – – – –


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