Oscars 2019: DGA Nominations

Okay, DGA nominations. Here we go. Last piece of the puzzle and then we’ve got it all.

I’m not wasting time. Here they are:

Best Director

Bong Joon-ho, Parasite

Sam Mendes, 1917

Martin Scorsese, The Irishman

Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Taika Waititi, Jojo Rabbit

Whoa. Taika. That’s new. I wasn’t totally sold on Todd Phillips, and man, even if the guild couldn’t nominate him, how’s that gonna go? Don’t rule out Noah Baumbach if they really like Marriage Story. The guild is usually 4/5. But shit, that’s… a curveball. Guess they really liked Jojo. Still not totally sold they do it. Kinda wanted Greta in there, but I guess that won’t happen.

I’m trying to think if someone random gets on, but there’s no obvious Pawel Pawlikoswki to point to this year. Almodovar doesn’t seem like it’ll be him. So where are we? Basically these five, Todd Phillips, Noah Baumbach, and then people who come out of nowhere. Seems pretty straightforward.

Kinda hope this list holds up, even though I know it probably won’t.

Oh, also, they announced an award for first feature:

Best First Feature

Mati, Dop, Atlantics

Alma Har’el, Honey Boy

Melina Matsoukas, Queen & Slim

Joe Talbot, The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, The Peanut Butter Falcon

I like this list. All solid choices, and I wanted to make sure people saw them because they’re all worth seeing.

But yeah, that’s our last precursor. We’ll be back in a week with Oscar noms. Monday’s the predictions article.

– – – – – – – – – –


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