Oscars 2019: PGA Nominations

Okay, here we go. PGA nominations.

This is the last of the Best Picture help, and this will basically confirm what the Best Picture list is going to be. We’re all pretty certain about at least six of these (1917, Irishman, Once Upon a Time, Marriage Story, Joker, Parasite), and the BAFTAs told me what the seventh is gonna be (Jojo). How can you not expect Ford v Ferrari here, and I assume Knives Out is gonna make it too. So really it’s just that last spot. Which, Little Women, right? Can we really get that lucky with that list? That would be 8/10 my top ten, sans Motherless Brooklyn, which never had a shot, and Waves, which I can get over but won’t stop talking about as a horrendous snub across the board. I would be very happy if that were the list. But also… what else could it be?

Let’s find out together, shall we? Here are your PGA nominees:

Best Picture


Ford v Ferrari

The Irishman

Jojo Rabbit


Knives Out

Little Women

Marriage Story

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


Yup, those were the ten I expected. So you know what this means? Now we’re figuring out which one(s) they leave off in the end. Doesn’t that job seem fucking dandy. Though, knowing that Marriage Story and Joker are both basically guaranteed to be on, I’d be very happy if somehow this was the first year with ten nominees since the sliding scale began. That would be sweet. I’d love to see this entire list get nominated.

More than likely, though, you’re looking at Little Women or Knives Out or maybe Jojo getting left off, and it’s gonna suck for whichever one that is. I think Ford v Ferrari’s got enough tech noms coming that it will still be fine. But man… what a list. Great year at the top.

Oh, and this is their animated category:

Best Animated Feature


Frozen II

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Missing Link

Toy Story 4

That should surprise absolutely nobody. I Lost My Body stood zero chance at a nomination here, and Klaus would have been the only thing that surprised me. We’ve still got the same 8 for Animated Feature, and four spots are locked. So no change here.

I’m pleased about this. I thought they were gonna fuck it up. But honestly, these were really the only major films up there in contention all the way through.

Fuck, this is giving me hope for this shortened year. Unless Joker wins Best Picture (which it shouldn’t really do. The nominations are the reward and Joaquin’s gonna win) or Marriage Story wins (which again… wouldn’t that be a real 180 from ‘fuck Netflix’ a year ago), kinda hard for me to be upset no matter what happens.

– – – – – – – – – –


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