Oscars 2019: DGA Awards

DGA just announced.

Sam Mendes just won for 1917. So that’s a done deal. We’ve got four acting categories and Best Director all sewn up before the BAFTAs, which will confirm just about everything else we’ve got here. But even if they go opposite, all that really does is make you go, “Oh, that’s cute.” Because the DGA, as we all know… almost always right. So that’s about a done deal in Director. Picture is still up in the air, and really the only interesting thing BAFTA can do now is give someone else (namely Bong Joon-ho or Quentin, but mostly Bong Joon-ho) Picture and Director and make the Picture race more interesting. Because the door just shut on Director. This shit is locked. Because, didn’t we mention — HE SHOT A WAR MOVIE IN A ‘SINGLE TAKE’. Of course the directors were gonna go crazy for that.

Anyway, ASC still to announce, as if we had any doubt that Deakins was gonna win that shit too.

– – – – – – – – – –


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