Oscars 2019: USC Scripter Award

I generally don’t give this its own article, but I’m on a roll and I felt it’s worth mentioning.

The USC Scripter Award is given for Adapted Screenplay. The winner of the Scripter Award has gone on to win the Oscar eight of the past ten years. They’ve only missed twice, once last year, when Leave No Trace won and wasn’t nominated for the Oscar, and then in 2009, when Up in the Air won and shockingly lost the Oscar to Precious despite winning all the precursors.

I say all that because — Greta Gerwig just won for Little Women. Which just thrills me all to hell. I had no idea what the hell to do with Adapted Screenplay. I knew she won BFCA for it, but I didn’t even think that would bore out anywhere else. But this is a huge step forward for her winning and for the film to finally get some damn recognition for being one of the best films of the year.

She’s still gotta clear the WGA and/or BAFTA hurdles over the next week, but man, right now she’s actually the favorite in this category. That’s nuts. She’ll get competition from Taika for Jojo and maybe Zaillian for Irishman, but honestly she could take this down. I can’t see them voting for that Joker script and The Two Popes is lucky to be nominated. It’s pretty much her and Taika and she could win an Oscar. Which would be DOPE.

And that’s really why I talked about this award, mostly so I could get excited about Greta potentially winning an Oscar, which would make me happiest of probably any of the categories they’re gonna announce on Oscar night.

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