Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #174 – “Let It Go,” from Spark: A Burning Man Story


174. “Let It Go,” from Spark: A Burning Man Story

How many of you freaked out when you saw the title and went, “What? THIS EARLY?!!”

I’ll admit, the only reason I know this song is because every year I listen to every song I can that was submitted for Best Original Song. So I came across it there and liked it and always remembered it from there.

The documentary is about the history of Burning Man, and is something I’d never know about aside from this song and never something I’d deliberately watch. But it doesn’t really matter to me how I came across a song, just how I feel about it. And this is a very likable song.

Admittedly, this is the kind of song that would play over a Target commercial as the family comes home and plays with the dog in their perfect suburban home, and I fully admit that it sounds just like all those songs. But… I also like it. I think I could get away with it on this first 15% of the list, before the heavy hitters start showing up. The first bit is always gonna have some personal choices on it. But also, you hear it. You know this song is charming. What am I gonna do?

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