Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #170 – “$100 Bill,” from The Great Gatsby


170. “$100 Bill,” from The Great Gatsby

Ah yes, our first Gatsby song. People forget how great this soundtrack is. I listened to this soundtrack for years after the movie came out, and still have a couple of songs from it that are still in rotation. This is the one that doesn’t fit with all the others, and it’s because Jay-Z curated the soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann, so of course he was gonna put one of his own songs in it and it was gonna get prime placement within the movie (it plays as they’re driving on the bridge as they’re headed into the city to that apartment). It’s a good song. The weakest in the movie, but that just tells you how strong everything in the movie is, that this is the weakest of the lot.

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