Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #163 – “Strange Love,” from Frankenweenie


163. “Strange Love,” from Frankenweenie

I love that Karen O is someone that contributes songs to movies. I have to assume that all started with Spike Jonze having her do the soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Are (which is great, by the way), and then she did “Immigrant Song” with Trent Reznor for the opening credits of Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo remake. But then right after that (and before Her, of course) she did this, a really nice little song for Frankenweenie, which I think a lot of us forgot actually came out.

It’s weird that Tim Burton got to turn one of his first shorts into a feature, but hey, we got a pretty decent movie and a really cool song from it that just feels like a nice montage song between a man and his undead dog.

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