Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #132 – “It Ain’t Fair,” from Detroit


132. “It Ain’t Fair,” from Detroit

There’s a lot of songs of this ilk that came out during the latter half of this decade. But I’ll say one thing in defense of this one — I sat in my seat as this came on during the credits, and I didn’t move for the duration. There’s that wonderful, soulful voice at the beginning, and then after the a cappella, there’ that great piano beginning, leading into this great 70s soul ballad song, and then BOOM. The song just takes off. And then the rapping section is just fantastic. Honestly, every time I go back and hear this song I wonder why this didn’t get more awards attention at the time. Especially since they nominated one other song like this the same year that’s not nearly as good a song as this is.

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