Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #128 – “Equation,” from The Little Prince


128. “Equation,” from The Little Prince

This is a beautiful little song. This whole film, I feel, totally flew under the radar. It’s a somewhat modern take on the original story, using both CG and stop-motion animation. The story, f you remember, is told by a pilot who crashes and then meets the Little Prince. Here, the pilot is now an old man, living next door to this little girl, and she meets and befriends him, and he tells her his story, and it incorporates the tale in a really beautiful way. This song is a perfect encapsulation of the girl’s situation at the beginning of the movie. Because her mother has developed this very rigorous plan for her daughter that will turn her into a success. But of course it leaves no time for the girl to actually enjoy her life or do anything other than study and work. So this song acts as a way to illustrate her monotony but also her inner longing for more. It’s not unlike all those ‘princess’ songs we were just talking about for the past couple of songs.

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