Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #123 – “Blink (One Million Miles),” from Hearts Beat Loud


123. “Blink (One Million Miles),” from Hearts Beat Loud

Aww, yeah! You know a movie is good and has great songs when one comes up and you just reflexively smile. What a beautiful film this is. It’s the story of a father and daughter. He’s widowed and owns a failing record shop and she’s about to go off to college across the country. She’s also just started dating this girl, and she’s getting her own life going. And he keeps wanting her to jam with him, which she doesn’t really want to do anymore. But, she’s written this song, which they record and mix together. And he’s like, “This is great, we’ve started a band!” And she’s like, “We’re not a band.” Which he uses as the title of their band and puts the song online. and very quickly, it becomes a viral hit. So now he keeps wanting to write more songs with her (the movie’s about him wanting to remain close to his daughter even though she’s about to go off and become her own person) and this song in particular is the second one she writes, inspired by her newfound relationship. There are three main songs the band writes and performs during the film, and they’re all quite wonderful. And the film itself is one of the great hidden gems of the entire decade.

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