Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #117 – “Patti $ea$on,” from Patti Cake$


117. “Patti $ea$on,” from Patti Cake$

One of the goals I have in this list is to hopefully make people realize that certain films they don’t know about should be seen. And this the, what, fourth or fifth song from this movie that’s appeared thus far? I think, if you tallied up all the songs from all the different movies that are on this list, this would be either second or third overall in terms of number of songs that made it on. Because all you really need to have good original film music is to just try and want to do it. And so few people do anymore. It’s like scores. No one puts any effort because it’s all underscoring or generic ‘mood’ music. Here, the director wrote all the songs. And it was clearly something that was personal for him to do. And they’re all great. Plus the cast performs them all themselves, which is also really great. You don’t see that a lot in movies.

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