Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #104 – “So Long,” from Winnie the Pooh


105. “So Long,” from Winnie the Pooh

Yes, that’s Zooey Deschanel singing a song in a Winnie the Pooh movie. It’s the end credits song, and it’s just the loveliest song in the movie. The beginning makes it seem like you get what it is and it’s just this simple, repetitive song, but trust me, wait to the chorus — you’ll be fully along with it. It’s just a song that makes you happy. And, I know this is something that’s specific to me… but I love that you can hear actual instruments being played. I can’t stand this current day music where it’s all Garage Band beats and you can’t hear actual musicians playing on the tracks giving them life. Some of the film songs are based around orchestration, which I get. But here, you can hear the drums and the piano and hear actual people clapping along, which just gives it another little inch of life and likability for me.

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