Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #88 – “Come Alive,” from The Greatest Showman


88. “Come Alive,” from The Greatest Showman

This is our first Greatest Showman song, isn’t it? Good. That should illustrate just how good all the songs in this movie are. It’s funny… the movie came out and had the stink of disaster about it, and then it made a bunch of money and people actually kinda liked it. I think that ultimately they messed up with it, because what they should have done was make it a stage show first. Which I know is hard to do and if it failed, that’s arguably worse than a failed movie. But, if you have a successful show, that allows you to build your musical out further and not have to do what they did here, which is cut the film within an inch of its life. No original film musical should only be 100 minutes long. Not one with the scope of this film. So the film feels really rushed and in a lot of ways is very forgettable. But the one thing that does stick out, especially when you listen to them on their own, are the songs. This is going to be a stage show at some point, and it’s because all the songs really hold up and are perfectly designed for the stage.

To get into the song in specific… it’s the big ‘circus’ song. The one that montages (every song montages over something in this movie) over the circus becoming a success. It’s a very fun song. Not my favorite, but it’s really good, and you can just imagine this being done on the stage with all sorts of moving props and trapezes and circus stuff flying about. It would be amazing.

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