Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #83 – “Diggin’ My Grave,” from A Star Is Born


83. “Diggin’ My Grave,” from A Star Is Born

Yeah, there we go. Our first (but definitely not last) Star Is Born song that involves Bradley Cooper, or at least is part of the portion of the film that involves Gaga performing with Bradley Cooper. Which are the greatest parts of the soundtrack. This one in particular is one of the more underrated ones, which stands to reason. Something has to get less notice than all the others when they’re all so good. But this one in particular tends to get forgotten amidst everything else. And it’s great. It’s got that simple guitar opening and just the two of them singing for the first minute until the rest of the band comes in. And then there’s a great guitar solo in it… it’s just a great rock song.

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