Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #79 – “Faith,” from Sing


79. “Faith,” from Sing

Ah, yes, another stealth entry to this list. Sing. The Illumination movie that’s basically just American Idol for animals. But, while there are a lot of covers all throughout the film, there are two distinct original songs in it that are quite good. This one’s the end credits song, and it’s done by Stevie Wonder with a feature by Ariana Grande. And I remember hearing this and thinking, “Well that’s gonna be bad.” Just on principle. Because it’s for an animated movie that’s not Disney, and it’s an end credits pop song, and you just sort of offhandedly dismiss those things. But you also forget… Stevie knows how to write a good song. And you sort of know it immediately, once that bass line kicks up. That really draws you in and then Stevie uses that first verse to get you all in with it. It’s just a feel-good kinda song with a funky beat. This is one of those that, when I first started figuring out this list, had about thirty spots lower than this, and it slowly kept creeping up little by little each time I heard it as I started liking it more and more.

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