Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #76 – “The Keeper,” from Machine Gun Preacher


76. “The Keeper,” from Machine Gun Preacher

This is just a great song. It just happens to have been written for Machine Gun Preacher. I love that Chris Cornell wrote a bunch of these songs for the end credits of movies (or opening credits, in the case of Casino Royale, which has become one of the best Bond themes of all of them since its release). The song is just beautiful and it’s a great one to listen to. Another one that’s hard to rank just because it straddles the line between song I just listen to and song that technically also is a movie song. It’s like when you’re trying to rank the Bond songs (speaking of Bond) and get to “Live and Let Die.” And it’s like, what do you do? Because that’s the one I’ve heard on terrestrial radio all my life. Shirley Bassey sure as hell wasn’t on radio. So it’s hard to separate the two. That’s kind of how I feel about this song.

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