Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #75 – “Rewrite the Stars,” from The Greatest Showman


75. “Rewrite the Stars,” from The Greatest Showman

This is probably the second most overlooked song from The Greatest Showman, second only to the Michelle Williams solo number. This is the Zac Efron/Zendaya song, and it’s overlooked because their entire romantic subplot gets overlooked in the film and just kind of gets tacked in there the way old movies have the young couple in love to break up from the older married couple that lead the proceedings. Any circus movie is gonna have the young couple in love. But it’s actually a really good song. The movie gives it short shrift, but the song is really well done. A bit too Garage Band-y in the production, but the lyrics are good and the vocal performances are good too. I particularly like the latter half of the song when it really goes all out with the two of them harmonizing. I do really like this one.

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