Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #74 – “Christmas Means Nothing Without You,” from Anna and the Apocalypse


74. “Christmas Means Nothing Without You,” from Anna and the Apocalypse

This is my favorite Anna and the Apocalypse song. And it’s not even a song that’s a part of the movie, per se. It’s not performed by the characters the way the others are. But it is an original song that appears within the film. Therefore it counts. And honestly, the reason this is my favorite is because it’s really difficult to write a good Christmas song. And honestly, if I presented this to you completely separate from the film as its own Christmas song… you’d think it was good. You could put this on an album with other recent Christmas songs (I mean, ones written in the past twenty years), and it would fit right in. If someone took this song and rearranged it and made it to sound more like a ‘classic’ Christmas tune, Wall of Sound, Darlene Love style, this would 100% just be assumed to have been a great Christmas song written fifty years ago.

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