Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #69 – “Tightrope,” from The Greatest Showman


69. “Tightrope,” from The Greatest Showman

The sneaky thing about The Greatest Showman is that most of its best songs are not ones sung by Hugh Jackman. Not that he doesn’t have some good ones, but typically you don’t think of the non-Hugh ones as being any good. Every musical always gives the other characters a number or two, and they always slow everything down and no one really cares. And that’s what I figured I was getting with this one, when they decide to finally pay some attention to Michelle Williams’ character in the latter half of the film. But then you realize, oh no, this song is great. Maybe you don’t necessarily realize it in the moment, but when you hear the song apart from the film, you get it. This song is terrific. It’s kind of separate from the rest of the film, as she is as a character, but it’s a really great song that is much better than you might think it is at first listen.

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