Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #63 – “Who Did That to You?” from Django Unchained


63. “Who Did That to You?” from Django Unchained

This is the best of all the Django songs. And you know it within two notes. It also shows up at the best possible spot within the movie, right as Django blows up the mining company guys and escapes so he can go back and take care of everyone else back on the Candie estate. It’s just a perfect song for that moment and just a great song in general. I heard this before I really knew who John Legend was. I’d heard him as guest vocals on a couple of other tracks I liked, but never really knew who he was (keep in mind I’m like 3-8 years behind on just about all current music). But aside from that, I just loved the song. This was the one of all the Django songs I’d have nominated that year. And I think they submitted four of them.

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