Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #62 – “Glasgow (No Place Like Home),” from Wild Rose


62. “Glasgow (No Place Like Home),” from Wild Rose

This is our most recent song on this list. I mention that only because we’re coming off this year and it’s fresh in my head. And I remember lamenting just a few months ago how weak the crop of songs from 2019 were. And now, having some time to reflect, this song towers above the rest as clearly the best thing written during it. So of course it’s fitting that the song got no Oscar nominations and the film got relegated to the scrap heap, really only getting notice in the UK.

For those who haven’t seen it (and you should, because it turns Jessie Buckley into an immediate star. So when you see her in something in the next two years and think that’s what did it, you’re wrong. It was this), it’s about a Scottish woman who dreams of being a country singer and going to Nashville. So the film is about her trying to be a mother to her kids and also fulfill her dream. And this is the song she sings at the end, when (as the song indicates) she realizes that she’s happy right where she is. And it’s just a beautifully-written song (written by Mary Steenburgen!), and Jessie Buckley absolutely destroys it. That vocal performance really puts it over the top, if you had any doubt that it was a terrific song.

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