Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #42 – “Young and Beautiful,” from The Great Gatsby


42. “Young and Beautiful,” from The Great Gatsby

This is basically the ‘theme’ of Gatsby. There are a lot of songs, but this one felt like the one you heard the most and the one that sort of got associated with the movie. Mostly because it’s Daisy’s theme. And it’s the one that plays over her scenes with Gatsby. Plus it’s Lana Del Rey, and the orchestration really soars behind her. It’s clearly the one you’d remember most from the film. NOT my favorite, however. And we’ll get to why that is in a few days. However, a beautiful song that perfectly captures Daisy as a character and represents the longing within the Gatsby character to reconnect with her. I thought we were gonna get a lot of these Lana Del Rey original tunes in movies based on the first couple of years of the decade, but then it didn’t happen. Mostly she’s just done covers of other songs (“Once Upon a Dream,” “Season of the Witch”). Oh well, we’ll always have this one.

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