Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #31 – “Black Eyes,” from A Star Is Born


31. “Black Eyes,” from A Star Is Born

What I love about this song isn’t just the song itself, but also how it functions in the film. This is how the film opens. Bradley Cooper walks in stage — we don’t even see his face during most of this, if not all of it — he walks out, picks up a guitar and just starts rocking. And the song, mixed with how he’s shot the whole time, just perfectly introduces his character. He’d already refused the ear plugs, which become a central part of the character throughout the film, but also you just get the sense that this guy only exists while on stage and otherwise doesn’t like himself when he’s not there, making music. He pours all his anger and rage and everything inside him into this song, and into his performance on stage. And that, to me, is such a powerful moment to start the film with. Plus, the song fucking rocks. It’s hard to have a song be as perfect for its film and in its film as this one is.

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