Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #22 – “Oblivion,” from Oblivion


22. “Oblivion,” from Oblivion

This might be the most underrated film score/soundtrack of the decade. The movie’s pretty good, but the score… the score is just incredible. This song — you know how some songs start on the ground and then take flight by the time they get to the chorus? This song starts in the air. You’re in the cosmos at the beginning of this song, and you’re just floating along to the melody and the irresistible lyrics by Susanne Sundfør. Looking at all the songs left on this list, this is the song I’ve listened to the most over the past decade as a pure song. This is just regularly on shuffle for me at all times. It’s just a beautiful piece of music. And if for some reason you completely missed the boat on this one when it came out, well, then you’re welcome for introducing this incredible song into your life.

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