Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #16 – “Never Enough,” from The Greatest Showman


16. “Never Enough,” from The Greatest Showman

And we’ve reached our final Greatest Showman song. It’s not the one you’d think it would be, is it? But you know what? This is the most powerful song in the film and the one that’s gonna be able to stand on its own. If someone sang this just at a concert or in another movie, sans the context of this film, it would work. It’s an amazing song. And it’s just a towering vocal performance from Loren Allred. It’s actually a showstopper in the movie. You see this moment happen and you’re just awestruck. I mean, sure, it’s not the kind of song that character would have sung in the moment, but who cares — because the way she sings it and the strength of the lyrics and instrumentation just take your breath away. I can’t even pretend like this isn’t my favorite song from this entire soundtrack. It’s absolutely incredible.

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