Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #13 – “Always Remember Us This Way,” from A Star Is Born


13. “Always Remember Us This Way,” from A Star Is Born

I’m truly in awe of how good all the songs in this movie are. This song in particular is a really important one for the relationship between the two characters. You see her writing the lyrics at one point, and then this is the first time we see it get played. Plus you get the intro of him surprising her and telling he she’s gonna play it, mixed with the first time him telling her he loves her. It’s a huge moment in the film. And visually, as she plays it, it’s the first time her ‘star’ overtakes his. Because “Shallow” is sort of the birth moment where the light goes on. But this is the first time where she really becomes the star and he gets relegated to the sidelines.

Plus, the song is just incredible. It’s just impeccably written and performed. And those vocal runs — my god. I must have said this about a dozen times now for the songs in this movie, but truly… every single one of those songs would probably have been the Best Original Song Oscar winner for the year. I’ve never seen a movie with this many incredible original songs in it.

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