Mike’s Favorite Original Songs of the Decade: #1 – “Shallow,” from A Star Is Born


1. “Shallow,” from A Star Is Born

It really couldn’t have been anything else. They called their shot with this one, and it’s still going. They debuted this song in the trailer and you knew it was gonna be great. And then they handled it perfectly in the film, the song went on to be a giant #1 hit across the entire country, and then they had that incredible performance of it at the Oscars just before it won for Best Song. It’s the total package of ‘original film song’.

But also, it’s completely rooted within the story and the characters. It’s the song she’s working on when they first meet, and she sings it for him in the parking lot, unfinished. And then he flies her out to the show and has her perform the song for the crowd, which is that first moment where she finally emerges. And it’s all handled so brilliantly on the screen, underscored by the great performances (vocal and acting) by both Cooper and Gaga. And then there’s the lyrics, which perfectly capture who these people are and provide this wonderful love song for both of their personalities to merge in this beautiful piece of music. This is it — the moment they fall into the deepest depths of love with one another.

I’ll say it again — it’s the total package of a song, and there’s really no film to better call the best original film song of the decade than this one.

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