2021 Update

This isn’t a typical year. By now I’d be knee-deep in year-end articles and Oscar season. But, one global pandemic later and the Oscars are happening two months after they normally would. So I knew pretty early on that unless I shifted some things, I was gonna have two solid months of nothing on here. So rather than have two months of nothing, I made it so we have four months of mostly something.

Here’s how it’s gonna look:

I’m gonna post new articles every Monday through Friday. At least for the first month. Once awards season starts in full and guilds start announcing on Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll see things get posted on weekends too. And yes, some days the only thing that will be posted will be things like the Sound Mixers guild nominations. But at the very least something will go up. Which, given that nothing’s really gone up on here aside from Pics of the Day since September, I think that’s a step up.

We’ll start on Monday with January’s Release Calendar, so I can have it published and have the guesses in before I start watching things. After that, I’ll update my Top Ten of 2019 so that can take its place among all the other Top Ten lists. And I’ll post a Top Ten of the Decade for 2010-2019 as well, since this is the first new decade I’ll be able to do that for. Which is exciting. After that it’ll be the usual fare — Overrated, Underrated, Underseen, Hidden Gems, Surprises, Disappointments, Favorite Performances, Directorial Efforts. The usual things you see out of me this time of year. Trailers, Posters, Scores. Five Word Film Reviews. (Also somewhere in there I’m gonna update the Netflix rankings and I’m hoping to, if there’s time, give all the Top Ten Lists a proper update as well. Then by the time we get to February, it’ll be awards season in full, which means lots of nominations and shortlists and things of that sort. We’re gonna do exactly what we normally do, only instead of December/January leading to a February Oscars, it’s January/February/March leading to an April Oscars.

The other big note is for Pic of the Day. I’ve been doing this thing lately where the majority of the Pics of the Day each year are films celebrating some sort of anniversary. Which I enjoy and will continue doing. However, the two mainstays over the past decade have been Christmas shots in December, followed by Oscar winners leading up to Oscar night. But since Oscar night is in April, I had to figure out something different. And I’m pleased with what I’ve come up with. Turns out, January 31st will be ten years to the day from when the Pic of the Day feature was born. I posted a shot 1/31/11 that gave me the idea (sort of like a pilot episode) and then everything officially started the next day. So, to commemorate that, that’s when I’ll start this year’s version of Oscar season shots, which are going to be all the Best Original Song winners. Because I discovered that if they start on January 31st there are enough Original Song winners to take us all the way through the day after the Oscars, which is always the day when I do my wrap-up and close the book on the year in film. So it’s kinda perfect. And I think it’s gonna get me to start mixing up all the Oscar season Pics of the Day going forward, so that’s nice.

And that’s about it, really. That’s what’s gonna happen here through the end of April. At some point I’ll post the usual Important Dates article and that’ll fill you in on when stuff is gonna happen. But otherwise, aside from a few weekends, we’re pretty much locked and loaded through Oscar night.



… Oh but I guess there’s that other thing, too.

I hinted at this last year at some point. I do have one giant feature that I have been holding back. I’d hoped to do it right after those decade lists back in September, but that was wishful thinking on my part, given the state of the world. But this year seems like a really good year to do it, so let’s let the cat out of the bag.

My plan — and you know sometimes shit happens, so don’t hold me to this. It’ll go up when it’s ready and not a second sooner — is to, by the end of the year, finally post my Complete Oscar Quest.

I’ve been working on and off toward finishing the rest of the categories ever since I finished the initial six. And we’re getting to that point where I feel comfortable going forward with this, rather than posting another half-assed version of the same six categories I’ve done twice already (and never been fully happy with anyway). By the time the articles go up, I’ll have seen every nominee (save about ten) across 20 of the 24 total categories (the remaining four being Foreign Language Film, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short and Live Action Short. Which, you know me, those will come next.)

I used to write up individual categories. Now, I’ll be writing up ceremonies. I’m just gonna go through the entire history of the Oscars, from one to… ninety-two, actually. Oh wait, shit. This year. So 93. That was almost a great reference. (Also weird that he’s specifically withholding wishes to people 93 and older, which is pretty shitty if you ask me.) But anyway, I’ll write up each ceremony the way I do each current year’s ceremony. I’ll go through all the categories and discuss my thoughts. The initial Quest write ups were more about ‘here’s what I think should have won’. These I want to make more about history and context. I want to look at why certain things won and analyze the categories the way I would when I’m guessing what’s gonna win each year. I’ll still give my thoughts, but I really want people to be able to look at things completely rather than just have it be about our collective opinions. We could argue one winner versus another forever, but I want to make it so you can go, “Okay, I get why this person won.” And then from an objective standpoint, we can look and decide whether or not we think that was a good choice, bad choice, good choice at the time that hasn’t held up, etc. Because one thing I’ve learned by having this site for ten years — it’s really just about loving movies. We like talking about this stuff and we like watching things. So rather than have it be a measuring contest of my favorite vs. your favorite, now I’m much more interested in (first and foremost) helping people find cool movies they haven’t seen before. And I’ve learned that there are so many people out there who have this continued fascination with the Oscars, so I feel like it’s more fun to talk about things from a discussion standpoint instead of an argumentative one.

So yeah, that’s how this year is shaping up. If all goes well, we’re covered through April and the Oscars, and then, fingers crossed, I’ll get those Quest articles up over the summer or before the end of the year. Fun times.

– – – – – – – – – –


One response

  1. I’m jacked to the tits.

    By the way, didn’t you already publish your favorite performances, directorial efforts, hidden gems, songs, posters, and trailers of the 2010s?

    I’m most interested in your Overrated Films of the 2010s list.

    January 1, 2021 at 5:47 pm

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